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Google Ads Campaign

How to run Google ads Campaign every person want to know and searching on google search engine frequently. Most of the users are so afraid to run Google ads campaigns. 

Because many persons thought that Google ads is a paid advertising tool, we are investing money to that tool if that tool debit extra amount from our bank account. Else if we unable to get business if we spend money also. 

So, first of all, you have to know about what Google ads is and how to do Google ads. 

Then we can efficiently manage our campaigns account and run campaigns easily, and for running Google ads campaigns, you have to understand the primary process of every digital marketing module. 

Such as if you go through with search engine optimization (SEO), Social Media Marketing (SMM), Email Marketing, Content Marketing, etc. you can able to understand the central fact of Google ads. 

Why is so crucial most of the founders why they will take time to decide to invest in a Google ads Campaign process. 

Google ads is one of the tools of Google where you can able to advertise for your website online, from your target audiences, currency and time zone area. 

For doing online advertising, you need to pay amount cost per click, how much amount you invest per click and by bidding strategy, the if the competitor spent twice lesser value than the cost per click compare your s. So, your ad would be visible in the first position, unless until if your ad keyword relevancy is good and landing experience is quality based.  

Now, you might have confusion in mind by seeing the words like “ bidding strategy,” “keyword relevancy” and “landing page experience” etc. No worries if your brother is here in below paragraphs and all your confusions will be apparent. 

Let me share with you some questions which I have for you

What is your Goal for ads Campaign and for why you’re here to run your Google ads campaign for bidding strategy?

Who is your targeted audience for keyword relevancy for your campaign?

What is your expecting from a targeted audience to get after they visit the landing page of your website?

Without deciding anything researching so many persons will start fear about thinking how to run Google ads Campaign and how to Google ads. Most of the user’s failure and give up from business this only, they will feel when they struck and unable to get any revenue from a company they give up their dreams and ambitions. And they will sit idle without any work and business routine life. 

“The person who built a Building begins by carrying away with small stones.“

Ads Campaign Planning:

Before starting an ads campaign, you have to plan first of all you have to note it down some few points in the worksheet.

Which type of business is this?

Who is the targeted audience for your campaign?

Who are the competitors of your business?

How much budget you have to run a campaign?

From Which Currency and Time Zone you’re planning for Campaign?

If you get these answers and fully confirmed for your campaign then only you can move forward to think about ads campaign which type Ad networks you can able to select. 

Because In ads Campaign once you selected “Currency and Time Zone” then you can able to change, if you would like to change your Currency or time zone means then you must have to create another campaign account with another Gmail Id. Because Google ads it doesn’t belong to in terms and conditions. 

Now you might behave confusion how to create a campaign structure, what is ads Campaigns Networks and Which Ad Networks is the best for business, either search ad network, display ad network or else video ad network. 

As I discussed in my previous articles on how many types of Google ads networks and for which kind of business what ads would be useful. Such as 

Search & Display Ad Network   ——-→  Business, Conversions, and Leads, etc.       
Display Ad Network                 ——-→  Brand Awareness 
Video Ad Network                    ——-→  Video Marketing, Media News, etc. 
Shopping Ad Network              ——-→  E-commerce Business 

So, till now we got about how to plan an ads Campaign plan who are the targeted audience and location, and our business which kind of category for which we are running a campaign. 

We have to decide and note it down all the critical points of ads or Online Advertising which we are agreed to run a campaign through Google ads. 

Google ads Campaign is also known as (PPC) pay per click which means for click per Ad you have to pay an amount.

 It depends upon how much you can pay an amount per click depending on “bidding auction “between you and your paid search competitors. Who is running Campaign in Google ads in the same services as you? Paid search results are nothing, but results which will come by paying an amount to a search engine is called paid search.

Now you have to know about how to target the audience for your ads campaigns, As you know about the how many types of ads Campaigns and how to use the drive and which kind of “ bidding strategy” you have to understand, but before that, you have to be aware of ads network campaign creation. For every campaign initial starting Headlines, description is the same procedure.  

Focused Keywords Strategy and Campaign Creation:

To run an ads Campaign for every kind of business you must and should have to collect targeted keywords and you have to know about how to do “keyword research process” and what are the significant factors of keywords for your business website. 

If you are not focused on keywords, then you can’t be able to run a Google ads campaign successfully because if the keywords not incorrect, you can’t get any clicks conversions and leads even for your drive.

While searching analyzing a keyword for your website don’t bother about “suggest bid” and most volume keyword in a Google keyword planner.

Just takeout the keywords which are related to your website services which are high volume and find out the KEI value.

 “keyword efficiency Index” how to calculate as you know about my previous article which Keyword research process. 

Now, you have to concentrate ads Campaign structure such as follows. 

First of all, you have registered with Gmail id for Google ads, and you have to create ads Account structure, and you have to know about “ how to start a Google ads” and its factors then only you can understand how to run a Campaign.

Search Ad Network Campaign 

Headline1:  which is your business specialty or features which should be covered by focused keyword what you searched in keyword planner by putting your efforts and have to write that to in limit of 30 characters.

Headline2: What you’re offering from your business to customers or clients why you were running a campaign that you write in headline2 that too in limits 30 characters.   

Description: In this field, you write about the landing page campaign details I mean to say the story of a campaign. Such as you’re running a campaign for students for providing a digital marketing training through a student registration form. Then you will write about the trainer details and institute details by covering keywords in the description which is in a limit of 160 characters. 

Site extensions: All your contact details like a call to action, email id, etc.

And then now you have to decide about target location and a targeted audience you can select a place on your campaign requirement on which area your expecting more your clients more. 

Next step we have to know about “bidding strategy” I will explain to you in below session about bidding strategies. 

Display Ad Network Campaign

This campaign might be difficult from a search ad network campaign because in search ad network campaign we can expect more business leads, sales, and conversions. 

But the display ad network campaign is most useful for brand awareness and traffic purpose. When you’re planning for display ad network campaign, you have to be aware of what is “branding promotion and brand awareness” and what are the factors of Display ad networks.

Display Ad network campaign to run first of all you have to decide who are your business targeted audience on which third-party website our ads have to display. 

From which third-party website we can expect more clicks and conversions these targeted websites you can find in Google ads display campaigns structure focused affected area by category way.

For display ads, you need proper dimensions and attractive designed image with slogans on a copy. And targeted focus keywords for Ad groups.

By which you can understand if any user search related to those keywords and search related website in that websites our display ads would be displayed. 

They are remaining as usual steps as same as in the previous article what I explained about the “major factors of display ad networks” to run a campaign. And you can easily understand what steps have to follow how to run a Google ads Campaign. 


Selecting a Bidding Strategy on Requirements:

For choosing a bidding strategy, you have to care about what outputs we are running a campaign. Such as many people run a campaign for generating leads, sales, and forms, etc. and few people run a drive just for getting traffic and brand awareness. 

But most of the advertisers, not aware of what is our output expecting and which bid strategy we have to follow, with every advertiser this mistake will happen. 

So, before that, you have to be aware of what the bidding strategies are, and which bid strategy is useful to us which depends on requirements. 

Few of bidding strategies Abbreviations you need to know those are 

CPC – Cost per Click 

CPL – Cost per Lead

CPV – Cost per Video view

CPA – Cost per Acquisition

CPM – Cost per Impression


I think you might understanding for which type a campaign which terms would be useful by seeing terms like impressions, acquisitions, video view, lead and click, etc.

After knowing about the bidding strategies, you don’t have any doubt in mind like how to run a Google ads Campaign. 

Manual CPC 

By the term Manual only you can understand this strategy depends on it our self manually you have to manage the settings how much cost you’re ready for investing per ad click. That’s why this bid strategy is called Manual CPC, and this manual CPC is used with on experienced requirement already we know the competitor’s bid amount, and we are ready to campaign on fixed manual CPC. And Manual CPC you can total control on a campaign over bids with a focus on driving click traffic. ads will take care the ad group default bid first. for running a battle, you have to specified submission its manually at the keyword level select it manually set my bids for clicks. 


Automatic CPC

In this bid strategy, advertisers may focus only on driving traffic to a website that is looking to get website traffic from ads campaign. You can set a budget daily, and ads automatically adjusts your bids concentrate the only goal of getting most clicks for a budget of the campaign, with automatic bidding, ads does all the work to get most clicks. 


Enhanced CPC 

This Enhanced CPC bid strategy depends on the advertiser how much traffic and conversions track on a campaign that much bid amount will deduct from your bidding account. If 30 percent of traffic conversions track comes then bidding, a process will do.


CPA Bidding 

Abbreviations of CPA is a cost per acquisition; it depends on your conversions how many you targeted conversions per month. Suppose you are expecting 15 acquisition leads or conversions per month in a campaign for that campaign this bid strategy is useful. For this bid strategy, you have to fix an amount of bid per cost per acquisition. This campaign mostly works on recruiting resources and getting admissions of students for an academy. 


After all getting information of bidding strategy, keyword strategies and campaign planning or requirements you may have confusion in mind how much amount we have to invest per day for the campaign. It depends on your campaign budget and your competitors. 

There is not mandatory that in keyword planner you will get suggest bid per keyword you have to invest a bid amount that only. 

It depends on your requirement budget how much your investment on a campaign you can invest per day INR 500 search ad network campaign or display ad network campaign and cost per click Ad (CPC) is INR 10 per click. 

Your amount won’t deduct INR 10 only per click when someone clicks ad it depends on Bid Auction. How much your competitor is investing per click and how quality score you have for this Ad.  


At last, I discussed and explained how to run Google ads Campaign and what is Google ads with Search Ad Network and Display Ad Network Campaigns. If any confusion or doubt after reading this you can raise your queries or discuss in below comment box.

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