2023 Seo updates What is SEO process

2023 SEO Updates How to do SEO – What is SEO Process?


2023 SEO Updates

2023 SEO updates here Let us discuss about What is SEO?

SEO stands for search engine optimization, SEO can be done to get top position in search engine results, to optimize our website SEO process can be done by free organic traffic, without investing any money. 

SEO results would be work on the contextual pattern, and manually SEO beats a paid traffic.

The SEO process can be started in the form of cycle format, for every means we have some cyclic stages. The ets we got a project or client we have to plan it on a requirement basis. 

If a client doesn’t have a website, our development team needs to develop a site on the requirement of client and digital marketer point of view. 

Else client have own web page means we need to follow some cyclic format steps those are as follows.

This article SEO process on 2023 SEO Updates, latest SEO update which will have to work on SEO projects in the upcoming year 2024. Hence as follows 

As you know earlier about the benefits of search engine optimization and the fundamentals of digital marketing.


DM Requirement Questionnaire or SEO Goal understanding

SEO goal which is nothing but we need to check the status of a website which is called SEO Audit. 

Which is nothing complete investigation of your website? 

How much organic search traffic? 

how many ranking keywords? 

How many backlinks, how many competitors? 

How much content length of the site, broken links, website and directory structure, social profiles and local profiles, Alexa rank, domain authority, and page authority, etc? 


A most straightforward user-friendly tool which will get a bulk of SEO audit information can be done by SEMRush an open-source tool. We cannot be able to get other website traffic or audit results, that too with registering with domain email id only can be able to audit a website, rather than SEMRush will provide your best result, through SEMRush tool you can get fast traffic or audit results3

SeO process infographics

SEO Theme Document 

So,  After getting the SEO Audit report you need to decide on a plan for SEO work, what we have to do. In how many days, how much have to do per each day, blah blah, etc. same as cost estimation document of software or web development process model in digital marketing domain is called  “SEO Theme Document. “  

Keyword Research and Analysis 

Researching a word which is most volume and highly searchable in a month related to your website categories in search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing, etc. 

Those phrasal words we need check-in tools like  Google AdWords, SEMRush and Google Trends, etc. We need to analyze and research the keywords by comparing with competitors that process is called Keyword Research and Analysis.

SEO Benchmarking 

What is the current status of your keywords which are you selected for your website? For each web page of your site, how much mostly searches,  how much volume, how much competition for the keyword, etc. 

After getting this information you can able to decide which is your Focus Keyword for your website, then you can run or start working on your site.

Competitor Analysis

Every business has a competitor so for that competitor you need to know how a market is growing, which keyword they are using, which strategy they are running every tactic of competitor you need to take care of this factoring process is called competitor analysis. 

Competitor analysis you can able to get quickly to SEMRush and open-source tool and from Google even.

Website Architecture

For every plan either business or home, we need to prepare a plan for that which is nothing 

but architecture. As same as for website also we need to develop a plan a structure for our website such as your running online shopping website you will prepare as follows 

To get information on our client website and directory structures an open-source tool   “ screaming frog “ a tool that gives you a result of each web page, subpages, and directory structures for your website.

Social media profiles

For website organic search traffic and to generate leads or business we need to maintain social media profiles. Related to our business service category perspective, we need to be active on respective social media channels and sharing on related groups depend on targeted customers, which peoples are your clients or customers depend on that you have to do posting on respective time zone and social media channel on the targeted location.

Let’s such as an example, for your business, targeted location is  “united states, ” and targeted peoples are students or freshers who are seeking jobs or hunting jobs. 

So you need to be posted on social media channels like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram, etc. 

That too on the US – PST (pacific standard time) zone and to share on jobs portal groups, from remaining social media channel you can’t expect any lead. 

Why because it’s related job hunting professional category, and related to fresher’s or students most of the students would be active always on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram very much. 

For these processing “ Buffer “ and “ HootSuite “Open Source tools will help you for automation planning posting on a social media channel, 

Local Business Profiles

For every business we need a universal identification must suppose you have a business of “ café and restaurant  “. If someone near your business spot got stuck in traffic that person needs to have a tea or meal. 

That person opens his smartphone and tries to search on google dish name or near tea point. So the search engine should give the result of your business spot address, those registration profile is nothing but the local business profile of your business spot.

Link-building or Backlinks generating 

Getting a link from another website is called a backlink, backlinks can be generating interacting with the website authors or administrators who can moderate the sites. 

You have to communicate with them and convince them, then only you will get assurance this link would be valid, and quality link, which is not restricted from Google algorithm, this process of getting other website links is called Link-building. 

Link-building will give your weight score to your website, to get a good position in search engines.


Initially on previous 2012 days. SEO guys use to do for generating backlinks by directory submissions, insert a link to a blog comment, and adding a bulk of repeated keywords on your website. 

They can get those days quickly, but now Google algorithm changed,  Now you should maintain in your site a rich quality content on your website each web pages and Getting links also in a contextual way through source blog websites, niche directories, etc. 

SEO Maintenance

After completing the above all steps such as researching keywords and analysis, competitive analysis, social media profile promote the local business profile and link building. 

You need to maintain an SEO process like check the process is going the incorrect way or not, whether to get good results with this strategy or not, or else need to change policy. Preparing analytics report, tracking report, checking traffic source, backlinks, ranking report, etc.

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