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Digital Marketing Case Studies

Inspiring digital marketing case studies, here I am list out variety of digital marketing case studies from different variety of industries. 

Kraft Foods Digital Marketing Case Study

Kraft Foods has been doing digital marketing for the last couple of decades – its 18+ years old food & family magazine. The company was restricted in the 19’s like a spin-off from Kraft Foods Inc. which in turn was renamed Mondelez International. 

The new Kraft Foods group was focused on grocery products of the North American market while Mondelez is an emphasis on global-level confectionery and snack brands. 

Until the merger with Heinz, Kraft Group was an independent public company listed on the NASDAQ stock exchange.


However, it was only two years ago, when Kraft split from Mondelez, that the company starts getting its act together in digital content, said Ms. Fleischer in a keynote speech at the digital marketing world. Kraft now generates the equivalent no of customers as 1.1 billion impressions. 

A year and a four times better return on investment through digital marketing than through even targeting advertising. It is not about putting something out every day to be a part of the conversion, adding that Kraft believes brands should not post content. 

The days of free organic reach are rapidly coming to an end; if it would not spend money on it, then why do it? It is shouting into the wind without making a sound. How many of us are guilty of being slaves to a calendar or posting cadence?


kraft foods digital marketing case study

Kraft tracks 22,000 attributes of more than 100 million annual visitors to its websites and has merged into content and data management platforms. 

Data used to power the increasing individuals addressable advertising Kraft does through its programming media buying. If parmesan roasted potatoes and green velvet cupcakes are doing well organically on Pinterest, then Kraft adds them to beta tests for promoted pins as well. For more information refer to” Kraft Foods. “

Here Kraft is one of the digital marketing case studies which is mention above in detail. 

Coca-Cola Digital Marketing Case Study

Coca-Cola or Coke is not any hot drink, but it is a carbonated soft drink produced by The Coca-Cola Company. Originally intended as a patient medicine, it was invented in the late 19th century by John Pemberton and was bought out by businessman Asia Griggs Candler, whose marketing tactics led Coca-Cola to its dominance in the world soft-drink market throughout the 20th century.

Coca cola digital marketing case study

The drink’s name refers to two of its original ingredients, which were Kola nuts and cola leaves. The formula of Coca-Cola remains a trade type of secret, although it is a variety of reported recopies, and experimental recreations have been publishing.

Coca-Cola is a global leader in beverages. It has some brands, coming to Coca-Cola digital marketing strategy, it started a unique campaign like spoke-coke messages on social media, categorized events, and customized birthday lyrics which attracts no of customers. The results are social media reach 20 million customers, and the retweeted rate is 70%. For more information refer to” Coca-Cola Company. “

Here Coca-Cola is one of the digital marketing case studies which is mention above in detail. 

Delta Airlines Inc. Digital Marketing Case Study 

Delta Airlines Inc. is a major American airline, with its headquarters in the United States. Delta Airlines Inc used digital marketing to become the most trusted airline in the world.

It recreated its site and posted visual experiences to its customers by animated location tracking also 150 places photographs, a journey tracking option on the site itself, and a Mobile boarding pass. As a result of the marketing campaign creates a prime place for Delta in world Airlines.

Delta airlines digital marketing case study

Delta Customer service

  • Delta Airlines’ business model is base on their customer relationships.
  • Focusing on retain high-value customers.
  • Maximizing customer knowledge regarding customer value and our customer needs.
  • Developing personalized services and by improving customer service efficiency
  • Increase our marketing efficiency

CRM is significant because global passengers are expected to continue rising in the coming years, and Delta needs to retain their loyal customers. Most travelers say that personalized service is critical to the airline decision and are less likely to switch if they have satisfaction.


Delta’s CRM is controlled through the following avenues from on their mobile phone application or website from Pre-flight through to Post flight. For more information refer to” Delta Airlines Service. “

Here Delta Airlines is one of the digital marketing case studies which is mention above in detail. 

Red Digital Marketing Bus Case Study

How Red Bus cracked all the odds on its way and became a leader in bus ticket booking service?

Red Bus is India’s largest online bus ticketing platform, trusted by over 6 million Indians. Three BITS Pilani alumni Phanindra Sama, Charan Padma Raju, and Sudhakar Pasupurni Co-founded the Red Bus. Started steadily in 2006 with a few seats from a single bus operator, Red Bus today is on the front of ticket booking service with a sale of over 6,00,00,000 tickets via the web, mobile, and various bus agents. 

Red Bus operated on over 80,000 routes and was associated with 2300 reputed bus operators. Today you can book a red bus ticket at over 30,000 + outlets.


Founder of Red Bus Phanindra Sama during his Diwali vacation in 2005 was on the way to his hometown Hyderabad. He was making the plan at the last moment left him with a single option to take a bus and to reach his home.

He roamed the whole city and looked everywhere for a bus ticket, but it was all tickets sold and no more seats available before he reached to travel agencies. He then realized some significant issues with the existing model.

Travel agents do not have all the information regarding all the possible bus and its operators. This traveling leads to a gap between customers and travel agencies,

And customer’s needs to make a decision based on limited information. Most of the travel agents were not able to sell return bus tickets.

How has Big basket changed the online grocery marketplace? Same as this process why not online ticket booking can create. It was the time when Phanindra thought about the opportunity to solve the issue by laying out all the information on a platform where customers can access quickly and take better decisions. 

Redbus digital marketing case study
Redbus digital marketing case study

Red Bus started in August 2006 with INR 5,00,000 which was the savings of three founders. Operations and all the work began from a room of his house which was so called their office. When the prototype was ready. 

They have gone to the bus operators and tried for selling it to them, but when the bus operators not even willing to take it for free. Then they went to TIE Bangalore with their business plan. TIE allotted them, three mentors, to the advice in the current project.

The first year was not a full complete year, and they did INR 50 lakh worth of business in the first financial year. There were no profits.

The second-year till the end of the financial year 2008, it was a huge success. The turnover was INR 5 crore.

In 2009 the company grew 6 times, and the turnover was INR 30 crore. In March 2010, the company had INR 60 crores turnover.

Today, Red Bus has more than two crore users, 30 thousand + outlets, 80 thousand routes, and 23 hundred bus operators belonging to 24 states apart from road transport corporations of 5 states, and 16000 daily uses.

In mid of 2015, Ibibo group rolled out Red Bus in Singapore and Malaysia, with this launch, Red Bus is now available for travelers to book inter-city bus tickets between Singapore and Malaysia and intra-city tickets within Malaysia.

The brand uses a line of attack as self-promotion. The posts are not aimed at customer engagement as such since most of the social media posts are focusing on the features of the company brand. The content box includes creative with fresh copies, highlighting the benefits and advantages of Red Bus.

Red Bus Facebook page has a massive of 1,000,000 fans with an average of 5 hundred people on a post; It also has more than 5000 followers on Twitter social media channel engages the customers among various offers through a different platform. 

Over its LinkedIn page, the company sees a crowd of more than 24000 followers.

The high market research on the idea, strong technical background that can use for the idea implementation, an innovative business plan, the mentors, they aiming for the customer satisfaction, update of the work process and above all the cases first ever idea to implement in India made Red Bus is a successful organization.


As a result of this internet age, adopting Digital Marketing case studies creates trending changes in businesses. Not only an increase in salesforce we can reduce the expenses incurred in promoting via campaigns on digital marketing. Finally, it created brand awareness and built a brand image inadequate time and instant results.

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