6 Major Facts of Google Ads Can generate your Business


Google Ads best practices which can help you to generate your sales or leads for your business. 

Here I am discussing with you people guys it’s my own real experience withheld in my experience.

First of all, before starting about Google Ads best practices, I let you know the essential facts of Google advertising which will generate your business quickly.

As you know as usual in Google Ads, we have five types of advertising networks those are as follows 

Search Ads network 

Search and Display ads network 

Display Ads

Video Ads 

Shopping Ads 

All ads we can able to run, and we can expect business above all the advertising networks even. 

Here my questions are

  •   When and which ads network is helpful to us with most of most return of investments (ROI)?
  •   What we have to focused on ads?
  •   Whom we have to target and who are our targeted audience?
  •   How can we set up our Ads campaign settings?
  •   Which Bid strategy we have to follow to generate more business?
  •   Are, we engaging our audience through our ads or not? 


Yes, right which I am going discuss six significant facts of Google advertising and Google Ads best practices which can generate your business those are as follows.

Which is the best Google ads network?

Yes, most of the people will make the same mistakes initially they did not look at any calculations, any procedure for ads. 

Just blindly they will invest the money in all ads; even I also have lousy experience a couple of years ago with especially display ads. 

First of all, you have a plan and analyze your goals of the campaign what you’re looking for a monthly base campaign setup. 

If you’re looking for sales or conversions through your website, then I suggest you go with just search ads campaign rather than with search and display ads network. 

Because Display ads mainly work for brand awareness of your product or reaching more people on your website.

Search Ads work on the search query based whoever looking to purchase or buy related to your product for those people only your search ads will visible that too on a specific location on which location your targeting audience available. 

If you invest, 300 INR is enough per day for search ads depend on your business and your bidding auction.  

Most of the people will invest more on display ads by expecting conversions will happen more through display ads. 

However, this is the wrong assumption of our friend’s displays ads just for brand awareness, reaching more people by clicks, impressions, etc. 

If you’re expecting some revenue to get back a return of investment through Ads campaigns, then you have to select and start your campaign with search ads initially later you can go with display ads or video ads, and if you have an ecommerce website, you can go with shopping ads even.

What we have to focused on Ads campaign?

It is one of the first significant facts of Google advertising and Google Ads best practices which we run campaigns but don’t know what your goal’s and analytics of our campaigns is. 

Regularly we have to check and analyze our campaigns insights such as clicks, interaction percentage rate, and conversions. 

For all the campaigns you will receive millions of impressions, but our essential goal task is to generate sales or get conversions. 

So, we have to analyze with comparison with weekly wise or monthly wise so you can get an idea more to implement a new strategy. 

Who is our Targeted audience?

It is one of the main significant facts of Google Ads best practices and Google advertising without a targeted audience your campaign look like a fish market with junk leads or conversions. 

So, first of all, figure out your product for whom is related to who can able to buy to whom is useful if they buy. 

If your product is “ new jewelry designed product “ why I have to buy I click your ad and read the information and click it. 

Because I am a Man, it does not mean every man won’t buy your product some men will be jewelry shop owners they will purchase and sell your product in their store and will get a commission. 

Moreover, some men will buy your jewelry product for his daughter wedding planning purpose or else men will buy to gift for his mother, sister or wife.

So target your audience on demographics, behavior, interest, and topics targeting methods point of view. 

Ads Campaign Setup

Yes, this is the most and essential fact of Google advertising and Google Ads best practices most of the Ads optimizer will make the mistakes initially when they set up campaigns. 

They do not look or think about the goals of the campaign and the terms and conditions of Google Ads.

First of all the list out the steps and targeting methods of your campaign and which type of our Ads network campaign your planning to start. 

Who is the targeted audience of your campaign 

Moreover, one more critical note immediate google algorithm update releases for all the display, video or shopping ads campaign, Google going to remove Keyword targeting method soon. 

You can target your campaign with keywords targeting method. 

Google Ads Bid Strategies:

Yes, bid strategies also one of the most crucial fact of Google advertising and Google Ads best practices because what you’re investing in your campaign that should give some output results of your campaigns. 

Actually, what is the word ‘Bid’ term?

The bid means whenever your running a campaign auction will depend upon your campaign goals in between your competitors.

So come out from the Ads bidding auction with good “ Ad Rank” position bid strategies will use. 

Bid strategies mean for what action you’re willing to pay and what are those Bidding strategies are as enhanced Cost per Click ( CPC ), Automated Maximise Clicks, Automated Maximise Conversions, Target Cost per Acquisition ( CPA ). Maximize Cost per Impressions ( CPM ), and Maximise Cost per View ( CPV ) 

You might have confusion in mind actually what all those bidding strategies how they will work in Ads campaign auction. You can have a look here what is Google Adword and Basic steps of Google search ads and display ads networks. 

I suggesting your if you’re expecting from a campaign, please go with initially with Maximise Conversions option for search ads. 

Don’t prefer with the enhanced CPC why because few of the Ads expert will think that we could decide well and In how much cost per click will get a conversion. Also, how much damage per acquisition ( CPA ) why because to set the system to reach targeted audience CPA bid strategy it will take time to get conversion even though sometimes in an auction you may lose Ad Rank quality leads or conversions also.  

Yes, if your Campaign is Display Ad campaign you, please refer it Maximise Clicks because you get maximum reaches and website traffic also with less budget. 

Note: Display Ad or Video Ad Campaigns don’t invest budget higher than the Search Ads because Display and Video Ads campaigns are just for reaching people, brand awareness purpose.   

Engaging the Audience through Google Ads Campaign

It is one of the most and least essential facts of Google advertising and Google Ads best practices which is most of the people will forget when they are managing Ads campaign account. 

All of the Ads experts and businesspeople will look for only priority to get conversions to generate business they do not bother about to engaging online audience or your targeted audience through your campaigns. 

Yes through your Display ads campaign you can engage by remarketing strategy or existing audience of your website visitors in a battle.  

Note: In all the Campaigns set up also we have one Demographics settings option in that you can select your target audience gender, ages, and family income score percentage. Along with the specific targeted locations and topics of people.  

Here, I explained you all the details of six major facts of Google Advertising and Ads best practices which can generate your business easily. If you have any query or confusion please raised your doubt or confusion below comment box, I will follow up your discussions and please share this blog with your friends if you really like the way of my explanation.

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