4 Easy Ways How to make money on Facebook and Instagram


How to make money on Facebook and Instagram, where I can explain you very briefly which most of the users are looking to grow their income on a daily basis that how can we utilize the Facebook and Instagram. 

How peoples are earning easily day by day by sitting home because of digital marketing domain only that platform where for doing business in digital marketing. 

You will follow some process of digital marketing, In that “ digital marketing process “, we have three types of media as I discussed in an Initial blog which is Owned Media, Paid Media and Earned Media. 

Whatever you’re earning ways through “digital marketing tips” are winning by following steps of Earned Media module in the digital marketing process. 

First of all, I want to be aware the young teen girls and boys who are using Facebook and Instagram just for fun but not utilizing the features of Facebook and Instagram. 

And most of the people are so much worried about why so many are so crazy about Facebook live videos, photo uploads and maintaining their fans and followers on Facebook and Instagram as well. 

How to Make Money on Facebook and Instagram

Why because Facebook and Instagram both are very easy social media channels or platform for our earning platform you can receive daily 1000/- to 5000/- rupees as well without any investment a single rupee on Facebook and Instagram. 

For every secure make money platform, there is some conditions and rules regulations need to follow. 

Here you might behave doubt on mind what are those 4 easy ways which are I declared on this blog title. 

Yes, sure I will let you know what are those three ways step by step as follows. 

Before knowing about how to make money  Do you know about a few issues which you made mistakes in your daily life for getting followers?

  •   How will you increase your followers on Facebook and Instagram?
  •   How will you manage your social media platforms?
  •   How will you make sure your post might get good insights to report if you   

     publish on Facebook and Instagram?

  •   How you know about your Facebook or Instagram engaged Followers they 

     will buy it your product or clicks on your post to get information?

Here you can have a few terms and conditions to know about how to make money through Facebook and Instagram, and you might be applicable from Facebook and Instagram to get a chance for earning 

  •   A free Facebook full optimized correct genuine profile with your Facebook

     fan page with 10k followers.

  •   An Instagram account with complete streamlined, accurate authentic

      information with 100k followers. 

Here, you might get aware you can’t grow waste followers on Facebook and Instagram. 

You have to plan for your niche category on which category your interested Suppose few guys are interested or passionate to do with your heart on foodies, fashion and fitness tips, shopaholic, social cause, tutorial tips, funny jokes and many more, etc. 

So, first of all, sit down take a pen and paper write it down your particular art on which activities your well enough in our daily life. 

If, you have the skills to attract your target audience through your quote and images to increase your followers on Facebook and Instagram. 

No need to worried about “ how to grow an audience on social media platforms and how to manage social media networking sites. 

“ Everything it depends on your soul, mood, an interest of activity and investing your valuable mind power on which area and how your investing.”

Then automatically your earning will start automatically from Day 1 itself. 

Here you need to be very careful about the “ terms and conditions and policies of Facebook and Instagram Community guidelines. 

Then everything easy and smoothly starts work on Facebook and Instagram as one of the best growing platforms. 

Here, Now you can understand and concentrate what are those 4 easy ways to know about how to make money on Facebook and Instagram. 

How to Make Money on Facebook and Instagram

 By enabling or joining Facebook Community to get Ads on Live Videos on Mobile App from Facebook

This is one of the best ideas for how to make money through Facebook and Instagram. As you know, nowadays most of the girls or ladies from different countries are very crazy to come in live video’s whether on Facebook or Instagram.

Why because this only the reason the Facebook community is giving an opportunity to earning money depends upon our niche category on which exciting specialist to entertained our followers. 

For earning money by promoting their services ads on their live video message post. 

Hence, here also you have to beware about “ Facebook community copyright guidelines”. 

How Frequently you will be active on live video that much you will get a chance for earning a commission from the Facebook community with the support of the App Store. 

In this earning way method, you must have a mobile App in your related play store  Andriod, I phone app stores. 

So, that with the support of API number with “ Admob “ techniques you can get Ads in your mobile app also. 

By monetizing or getting advertisers ads on your Facebook page video or niche article posts and Instagram video post.  

This is one of the best ways for how to make money on Facebook and Instagram. 

And this is a very most comfortable way of earning method just you need to have 10k niche followers and 100k Instagram niche followers. 

So, that after monetizing your Facebook page and Instagram profile you can earn money put getting ads on article post, video ads on your Facebook page and Instagram profile. 

Here, you maybe have doubt have in mind “ how to set up Facebook monetization for our Facebook page “ . 

Here you can get to know about Facebook monetization steps.  

By posting Affiliate Links and Selling a product on a Facebook page or Instagram profile.

This is one of the best way and a significant way for how to make money on Facebook and Instagram. 

Because you just need to get correct buying shopaholic followers in a Facebook page and Instagram also. 

And to them, you have to keep on motivate put trust on your audience by exploring your motivational quotes to buy your Affiliate commission products through Facebook page or Instagram profile feeds. 

Many of the online E-commerce shopping sites are available in online who are welcoming to Affiliate marketer to sell their products. 

It depends on your interest on which domain your familiar to sell quickly with adding some mix masala buying content along with Affiliate link in a post. 

If you’re well enough talented to explore the web development testing tools or analytic tools. You can sell the product of Shortpixel of image compression by getting commissions. 

If you’re well enough on teaching to newbies on your moving subjects, you can sell the Affiliate e-books from Amazon. 

Many Affiliate websites are available online who are ready to give you commit to selling their product with a customer-id number. 

If you have own ecommerce website for selling products you can just register with Affiliate Networks such as Cuelinks portal, Clickbank and many more, etc. 

By Influencing your niche topic Image or Video post for your client on your Facebook page or Instagram profile.  

This is one of the best ways for how to make money on Facebook and Instagram. 

And this is also one of the easiest ways just you need to get “ engaged and active niche category followers for your Facebook page and Instagram profile. 

So, that you can demand to your client for promoting their image post or video post on your Facebook page or Instagram profile.

By publishing their content on your Facebook Page or Instagram Profile your giving organic social traffic to your Client. 

And you have to be careful about Client service full correct online recommendations based or not. Why because your engaged followers are trusting and following each post of yours. 

Hence, I explained my best about all the ways for how to make money on Facebook and Instagram as per my experienced and knowledgeable in depth I told you above step by step. Then also if you have any queries or doubt, please ask your questions in below comment box without hesitation. Will followed up and discussed in comments.

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