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Minor SEO Best Practices 2020 Which SEO Demand in 2021


Minor SEO Best Practices 2020

Minor SEO Best practices 2020 tells about the SEO or search engine optimization practices work implemented in 2020 and got some solutions for upcoming days. 

Having or owning a website it’s not a big deal maintaining and running a website and getting optimizing is main task of your website. 

Keeping a quality score website is key role of having a website. 

I guess you already gone through about What is SEO process, What are SEO on page and Off page recommendations, and the fundamentals of digital marketing

To come out from problems of SEO for maintaining a quality score website which helps to earn more money, more clicks conversions, to get good organic traffic for your own website. 

Here, discussing about few Minor seo best practices 2020 which can be seo demand in 2021 for your website.

Minor SEO best practices 2020

I know you think that you already know about SEO on page and off page Optimization factors. 

And you already know about 2021 SEO updates and process which means how to search engine optimization process.  

These concepts are different whereas best practices 2020 means practices which can be done by someone and get some easy solutions or shortcut strategies for next upcoming days for better seo result.

Most of the persons do the same which I suffered from my website when I started that’s why I am here to share my experience with you people.

Which you can able to maintain your website easily without any warnings, errors and remarks of your website like website speed score, website structural data, quality backlinks and content, and ranking etc. 

After reading this article you will get the seo best answers on these questions.

  • How to fix the error of structural data for your website?
  • Why our website not getting that much existing users sessions?
  • How to solve Website loading error problem?
  • Why our website not able to optimized quickly in search engines?
  • Why we are not getting business calls through our business website?
  • Why our website not getting traffic from different sources of channels?
  • How to do optimized quickly for our website in search engines?
  • Is google only one popular search engine and rest of other search engines like yahoo and Bing, what are they?
  • How to get quickly niche high quality backlinks to website?
  • Why our website not getting brand awareness in social media channels?

Nowadays many people are having their own websites, their business through online, but they doesn’t know whether their website how quality based or not. 

And not worrying about website either targeting to correct audience and getting good traffic, conversions. 

But many of the persons have questions in their mind why we are not getting business though we have a website. 

To get the solutions for those questions I am here to discuss with you some minor seo best practices 2020 which would be so seo demand in 2021 which can grow your business through website.

Schema Website Structure Data 

Though you’re maintaining your website you should create a website in structural format. 

It should be understand by google bot or crawler, because in some times when google bot will crawl your website to move for index your website will get a lot of errors and warnings. 

This is one of the minor seo  best practices 2020. 

Now, you may be have confusion in mind I am talking about website should be in structure format. 

But how can we create a website in structure format, you should maintain your website files, folders in a correct root directory structure format in a server storage folder. 

And for identification for crawling you should create technical structural data file with case diagrams in website functions folder. 

Or else by structural schema data plug in you can get lot of errors rectified by structural schema data.

It’s my own experience which I faced with my website about this structural data issue google bot can’t able to understand what related to your blog post, who is author of that post, blog title, and website name and webpage content etc. 

All the details can be inbuilt stored in structural data schema folder automatically. So your website should be fully structured data format. 


Website Loading Speed

Many of website owners may get confused and problematic when they got remarks or complaints from their website users about your website opening so late, getting irritated while visit to your website. 

At this situation every website owners may get tensed, if you publish your content in your website with compressed way nothing would be in problem in future. 

And you hosted your website in correct host provider nothing would be tensed situation today. 

In most of the cases server only the big reason for your website loading and next priority goes to your website memory storage loads to open your website in a browser. 

While uploading images in your website specific content you should take care your image should be in Kb’s less than MB. 

Else your website may face a big loading problem to render in backend server of your website. And this one of the minor seo best practices 2020.

Here, you may have question in mind, how to know our website errors and how to manage our website about loading errors and how to compress our website existing image?

No worries for every problem we have a solution just we need to search and find out correct link to utilize for our problems.

Your website can be managed and maintenance all website loading reports through Hummingbird by WPMUDEV and your website existing images can be compressed through short pixel by WPMUDEV image compressor.


Minor SEO Best practices 2020


Quality Content Website 

Every website should maintain a quality and contextual content in each webpage of website as latest Google Algorithm updates says about your website should be contextual and quality based. 

Because an user and google bot both  should able to understand your website or webpage content saying what and related to which type of niche.

Google bot can understand easily and helpful to optimize for a website on priority based. 

If you maintain your website in good quality and contextual based then only your website would get engaged easily audience can understand step by step each paragraph of your website. 

But most of the people won’t maintain a quality content and context also, but they worried and confused about not getting engaged our website, and not getting optimize quickly in search engines. 

If you take easily for content point of view then it would be a good remark for your website because algorithm says everything on quality  content only and this is one of minor seo best practices 2020 which would be seo demand in 2021.

If you won’t maintain your website in a correct quality based how can you get good results for your website. 

Now, you may have doubt question in mind that how to check content errors whether our website is how quality and contextual or not.

Why are worrying about when you have Grammarly open source tool which will help you to check each and every thing of content.

Utilize a grammarly tool and maintain your website easily for content publishing in website. 


Long Tail Keywords

If you’re running an online website you should be aware about the keyword researching process which keywords you should take in your website. 

What type of keywords take in your website you would know about these minor tips.


By using Long tail Keywords you can get lot of organic traffic for your website you should take less keyword efficiency index based keyword comparing with no of searches in search engine through google keyword planner by no of links competitions present in search engine which gives a best keyword efficiency value. 

As you know about keyword research process and how many type of keywords if you take long tail keywords then users can understand easily your blog or website page. 

Related to which kind of topic or category then they would easily click and open your website link. Such as 

How to keyword research process, seo best practices 2020 and social media channels best practices 2020 etc.


Local Business Profiles 

Business profiles which are nothing listing our business and location details in google business pages is called location business profiles. 

As per present SEO tactics Algorithm Local SEO is the best strategy to get business calls easily. 

If someone searches any keyword related to your business, if suppose an user searching a keyword on search engine which is nearer to your business location so your business location details would be listed. 

Then you can expect a business calls or leads easily from organic search engine results. 

And it’s one of the seo best practices 2020 which will give you a good grow and success in your business in 2021.

And you can get optimized your website very quickly by creating a local google business pages your website services location. 



Switch your website Secured

Owning a website and publishing a content maintaining is not only the great task of yours. 

You should be aware how your website is performing in internet your website is secured or not. 

Website should be private and confidential on data installing and downloading, your content might be publish publically and visible in publically. 

But you should know and aware about the who are visiting to website, who are hacking your data from website and google bot also refer priority for optimize for secured website only. 

Secured and unsecured website it depends on domain “http or https” hypertext transfer protocol and secured hypertext transfer protocol. 

A secured hypertext transfer protocol is nothing but secured access layer on your website which is on premium based and google also crawl concentrate on secured access layered (SAL) website. 

And it is one of the minor seo best practices 2020 which can be so seo demanded in 2021.


Make a Presence on Social Media Channels

Just having a website is it not mean that the audience is aware about your website or your business, you should be aware about primary reasons and why we use social media channels

Let your audience know about your website and your business then only you will get visitors to your website and may be you will get business through your website. 

Audience will come to your website from different traffic sources such as, some audience will be habituated on reading blog and articles through searching query on search engine which is nothing but through organic traffic, few audience would come from referral or social networking sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube and Quora etc. 

At present most of the audience are willing to read or get information on smart phone social media channels only. Like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and other social media sites etc.

So, you have to make your website content like articles post, website links with social media post for brand awareness and social media traffic for your website. 

You can get huge traffic easily from social media channels better than organic traffic, and you may get good lead generations for your business also through social media channels. 

Now, you may have question on mind or doubt our website contents should presence in social media channels, but many of peoples are from different countries. 

Those people timing and our timing doesn’t match so how can we target to those audience and how can we get traffic. 

Make a presence in social media channels is one of the minor seo best practices of 2020.

For every question doubt I have solution for you my dear viewers to manage your social media channel to set a a correct time for targeting country. 

We have two social media managing tools one is premium tool “ Hootsuite “ which will give all type of features. Another one is “Buffer” which is a free based tool you can manage ten different social media channels.  

Buffer is useful for specially for start business persons who have small business start-up. But whereas Hootsuite it is useful for large multi 100’s of website social media profiles you can run at a time and you can manage also. 


 Mobile Friendly Website

Nowadays websites are so many you can assume many of websites per each category hundreds to thousands of websites nowadays. 

And also many of professionals are owning and maintaining their own website. 

But they are lagging on traffic and sessions why because they didn’t created a mobile friendly website. if you create you can expect lot of sessions, conversions, unique users and traffic from different countries. Because nowadays every user has having a smartphone So, everyone are accessing a website by smartphones only even auto rickshaw, laundry man, labour etc. also poor of poorest person having a smartphone. 

So, its mandatary that website should be mobile friendly then only we can expect lot conversions, clicks, sessions and leads etc. 

Then you might be have question on mind how to check the status of website, whether this website a mobile friendly or not.

If you have “Mobile Friendly Test Tool you need to worry about the website impressions.

 This is one of the minor seo best practices of 2020 which will be seo demand in 2021.



High Quality Backlinks 

Getting backlinks is not a big task for a website, but getting a niche high quality backlinks is a very hectic task for digital marketers. 

Who knows the strategy of generating high quality backlinks as per google algorithm SEO 2021 updates.

 As you know about seo on page and off page optimization factors, what are the type of factors etc. and how to search engine optimization and what are the major factors of it.

But here one of the minor seo best practices 2020 I would like to discuss about the practices of generating high quality backlinks and link buildings.

We can get backlinks by doing directory submissions in niche priority based like high PA and DA as all are do. 

But it takes lot of time to get approve a link for your site. 

But you can generate high quality backlinks through guest related to your website niche you have  to find out “free guest blogs”  then you have to write your article on that free guest high priority blogs. 

You can get easily a high quality backlink to your website.

And you can generate a high quality backlinks on your website niche you have to find out “contribute for us blog” and “write for us blog”. 

But this bloggers may ask you charges for writing your website article on their blog they may charge you. 

And most of the bloggers in initial they won’t accept your proposal write your article on their blog, you have to convince them request them and offer them good proposal so then accept your article.

But they will see everything about your website seo on recommendations based and high quality content based or not etc.

But before writing an article on “free guest niche blog” you should be aware about those guest blog seo recommendations like PA and DA and spam score of that blog. 

Because that guest blogs are free posting that’s why you have to check the stats of that blog link, if that blog have good as Page Authority (PA) and Domain Authority (DA) more than 60 and Spam score should be less rate  than 8%. Then only you can do guest blogging that links would be valuable for your website. 

With this blog posting you will generate many niche high quality backlinks and your website would be in first page easily.

Because you have high quality backlinks in your website which would be help for crawling and indexed easily for your website.

Now, You may have a question in mind: how can we check the status of that guest blog’s website? yes for everything I have solution for you guys you can check everything like PA, DA, 

Spam Score and audit of website in free open source tool “ open site explorer “ which will help to find the status of the website for free. 


Discussions- Question and Answers on Website topics 

Yes, your right getting forum discussion is one of the minor seo best practices of 2020 which would be seo demand in 2021. 

By doing forum discussions such as raising an question if some one answers on your questions your website traffic your profile name be aware in forum websites. 

And by answers on someone questions related to your website topic also you will get website traffic and your profile get populated along with that you will gain lot of high quality niche backlinks for your website. 

By doing discussions someone who don’t know that answer that person may like your answer and upvoter your answer. 

And might be chance he or she would give you backlink to your website because they impressed with that specific answer with your website article link. 

For Forum Discussion “Quora” is one of the best forum discussion site which is very busy in all the 365 days of a year and you may expect plenty of  high quality backlinks too from Quora and your website can generate easily “Referral traffic” also.


Meta Descriptions and Meta Titles 

Meta description and meta title is one of the minor seo best practices 2020 because by this only your website would get crawled and get identified by google bot easily. 

What you mention in the meta title should be in minimum 60 characters of length and that details should be present in the meta description which is limit of 160 characters non above than this limit. 

For which web page link you’re doing on page optimization related to that targeted focus keyword you have to create a meta title for that web page and meta description also should be context and targeted based to keywords. 

Then google bot will crawl your website on page tags if it matches content google bot crawled and put in indexed position. 

Then your webpage may get list in SERP’s list and on quality backlinks and traffic based your website get optimized in search engines. 

You may be confused and question my mind I am discussing meta description and meta title limits but how to check limitation. 

Yes for this also I have solution which is “SEO press SP “and “SEO Yoast “ plug ins for WordPress CMS for others cms also this app available on internet to use it for identify correct meta title and meta description and their limits.

Google is Not only Popular Search Engine

Most people thought that Google was only a search engine which gives answers to all our queries. 

Yes because this is brand awareness quality information will get and most important fact of Google is all hour day 24×7 active support assistant available from Google team. 

Whether other plenty of  search engines  also have on the internet for answering queries.

Actually its depend on the continent and country awareness of search engines.

If you visit other country like China, Japan, South America, Germany, and most of western english countries. 

Its depend on the country popularity search engines will be in top like Bing, Yahoo, Baidu and Ask etc. 

But Google is the top in world wide web, Google has many products linked with search engine and its provide cloud services. 


Hence, Above we discussed about the Minor SEO Best Practices 2020 which Demand in 2021 with a brief examples and clarifications to better understand for helping us to reach our best goals in 2021.

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