7 Secrets of SEO Marketing to get business is not a long-term process.

7 Secrets of SEO Marketing to get business is not a long-term process.

7 Secrets of SEO Marketing

Are you looking to engage your content and get business through organic traffic from day first.

Yes, your thinking right and you can get success also through organic traffic you can expect sales, leads and conversions etc.

If you were aware of the secrets of SEO marketing, you could say natural without any doubt or confusion through SEO or organic traffic we can expect business, and it’s not a long-term process.

Nowadays, getting a ranking in the first page it is not a big deal how most of the businessmen and SEO professionals it’s nothing like that if you have a business model and target audience in your mind you can get quickly.

According to “ Quora “ or “ Hubspot “ most of the traffic nowadays most of the conversions, clicks and leads you can expect from search term results which means organic traffic only.

You need to take care about your content which is exploring in media channels a quality niche content or not and content which is your publishing on articles, blogs as per “ seo recommendations “ based or not.

I know where you may be getting stuck and confusion on what is seo recommendations, before that we did not saw any term like this. An optimising process of website content or blog content only itself means that SEO recommendations.

If you not aware, then you go through this SEO on-page optimisation and off page optimisation factors and what is its importance while you’re doing optimisation in search engines.

In the last article only I discussed with you guys about search engine optimisation process how it will be such a demand in 2018 by minor SEO best practices in 2017.

Hope you, all are you aware of updates or notifications from different social media channels that “ RankBrain Algorithm “ released the latest update or changes in a search engine.

Which so easy for SEO professionals and even bloggers also but he or she should have sound knowledge of SEO. They can grow their business within a fixed couple of months through the website.

If I am not wrong just few days or a couple of months Google release an update about “meta description tag” in seo it is one of the On page factor which we use to insert of website page summary in that tag.

In previously meta description limit was 160-170 characters, but now you can insert up to 300 characters. So, this is a very significant chance to get quickly website optimised in search engine results.

Google bot while crawling your website it only looks whether your content is contextual and quality or not and audience are loving to your site or not, and your meta description content is contextual or not which is called “ snippet “ which is display in search engine results list.

                                        “Try to attract your audience to your website content, if people love your website then only Google Loves you to get good rank in search engine results.”

Without knowing the minor small secrets of SEO marketing most of the people worried and get tensed and frustrated that they are not getting proper rank in search engine their website.

 Yes, you might be right I am just trying to elaborate and finding the problems I am discussing with you any secrets of SEO marketing.

 Before discussing any secrets of SEO marketing, I want to ask some questions for you when you will get confused when you’re optimising your website.

Such as:

  • Your Website will provide which kind of unique service?
  • A user can expect or earn what benefit from your website?
  • Did your site on SEO on-page recommendations and focused or targeted audience keyword based?
  • Are you able to generate your local business clients or customers?
  • Your website content get to explore in digital media or not?
  • Are you get awareness about business in social media channels?


Here below shown an infographic image of 7 secrets of SEO marketing to get business.

Find a niche of your website

A niche of your site this is a very crucial factor of secrets of seo marketing whatever you’re going to expect a flow of growing your business then you should first of all fixed and stiff with your niche.

Explore your website content in your niche then only you can expect some output through online.

Why because for each different category different source of interest people are available in digital media, every user won’t show interest in every category of your business knows?

It may be helpful to generate your organic traffic and target your audience to put your audience in buying persona through search engine results, social media channels and through referral influencers also etc.

Such as if you have “ café and bakery offline shop store”  your planning to start an online business to grow your business.

Forgetting your customers, it’s mandatory to put your target audience to buying flow then an only foody person will bakery items buy your product.

some peoples may like cakes, pastry, someone like cream cake or cupcake or plum cake. Its depend on user likes and dislikes.

Though you should be expert cooker man in that specific bakery item then only you can explore your secrets yummy recipes or particular unique taste facts of your making product through your blog content, or through social media quotes etc.

Fixed focused keywords in Website and Analysis it always

Most of the people very scared and confused to find focused keywords for a website. It is also one of the critical facts of secrets of seo marketing you can expect a business quickly.

Why because you might be doing mistake what our thinking on our business owner decision they will insert focus keywords on the website page and even meta tags also.

For this reason only most of the business cant able to get good organic traffic and organic ranking results.

Why because most of the business persons thought what offline customers have demand on which keyword demand that is only the main focused keyword for online business.

But its wrong way to optimise your site for organic traffic results.

Here I will discuss with you straightforward tips to generate organic traffic and ranking results in search engine also.

You no need to worry when your friend Aamer digital marketer is here to serve you with latest unique ideas and tips on digital marketing to grow your business.

Before discussing short and sweet keyword research process, you need to know about fundamentals of “keyword research process and its factors “then you can understand easily about advanced keyword research process.

Few fundamental concepts structure of secrets of seo marketing you have to follow to fix your focused keywords

First of all, write it down your critical brainstorming words for your business.

Collect some keywords from your colleagues, friends, family and relatives.

And now log in to “ Google keyword planner “ with your Gmail account initially.

And then look how many search volumes present on monthly purpose to know how to filter the keyword planner basics of keyword research process here.

And then check in google search engine bar how many unique links are showing if you search in search engine.

Then calculate “ (KEI) keyword efficiency index “ value if a value is the least value in between 0 to 1 that is an excellent advantage for you to target with that keyword to your website.

If not unable to get least KEI value then no need to worry check in other tools like “ keywordtool.io”, “Semrush”, “Ahref” and other opensource keyword tools.

Try to get it from google keyword planner because whatever you do the seo process at last Google only crawl your website and put into proper position in Google search engine results list know.

So, prefer Google keyword planner only then also unable to get any quality keyword least KEI value keywords.

Then just merely search a query what your mind related your business Google shows 4 or 4 keywords in a drop-down list which is the first one or second one that is only a focused keyword for your business.

Because whatever people will search more in a search engine that terms only display drop-down list option, you can select the first one and check in keyword planner whether traffic or not. If keywords give you least KEI value than only valuable for your website that keywords to get to optimise your site quickly on a search engine.

Submit to local business listings or directories or Classified Ads

You’re not a brand ambassador or else not a politician so that every customer will find you automatically without submission your business details in local business directories.

It is most crucial fact most of the business will forget to submit your business information which is one of the significant points of secrets of seo marketing.

Try to submit your business details depend on your business location you belong to which country and which city.

Such as for here Hyderabad, India people our famous local business sites where a regular audience will search and find some stuff to buy something.

Like “Indiamart”, “OLX”, “Justdial”, and other classified Ads or business directors to get your business calls from directors.


Look for linking opportunities for your website

It is is the most and critical fact secrets of seo marketing most of the people are worrying to get links to your site.

Getting links your website is so important and toughest job most of the people might think.

But it is very quick easy to generate backlinks am not wrong you aware of 2018 seo updates and On page and Off page optimisation factors.

If you not aware the search engine optimisation process then you, not even you understand the secrets of seo promotion even.

Nowadays Quora and Hubspot so popular inbound marketing tools where you can expect some output stuff.

Quora is a tool where millions of people will discuss on different topics where you can utilise this opportunity go to quora and find your business niche topics questions and answer them correctly do n’t override linking in your answer of that question.

You can put your link in last for more information you go through this article like this way you can generate your backlinks.

Same procedures follow on high-quality blog comments sites also and other marketing forums or tools.

And try to find niche high-quality guest blog for your website So your website content may reflect because one high-quality blog publishes your business content on her or his blog.

So, their followers may get attract and convert to your customers.

Build your business location and get reviews

Launching an online business in a market is nothing like every customer will find your site easily without any way direction of map pointing.

So, that’s the reason this also preferred to secrets of seo marketing because this is widespread activity.

Ever user who is near to 2 to 5km surroundings area if they hungry they will search in google  “ bakes and restaurant near me or just bakes and restaurant “ if you have a business location in Google Maps with full reviews your site would be in first in search location lists.

You might get an advantage and get business calls easily to your store to book an order for your bakery products.

Setup a blog

“Content is a king, without content no value for your identification in online. Create relationships not links to your business. ”

Maintaining own website blog is a very crucial fact of seo which is one the fact of secrets of seo marketing.

I know this is the very hectic task to write a lengthy article for buying products which are around 1000+ words nowadays on the internet.

If you aware or already know about these facts of copywriter, how to prepare quality content for blog, content marketing strategy without copywriter and content management process.

You won’t be in trouble to write an article for your blog because your writing on your interested product business and you can write with your heart also to attract your audience to buy a product.

Maintain social media signals

Just merely having an own website, with all business location listing, with full of quality backlinks and full of rich content on site nothing will happen.

Social media awareness also important fact of secrets of seo promotion because you can get referrals and influencers through social media sites.

These days every demographic type of human being are addicted to social networking why because they will feel some relaxation while they communicate with their batch mates, past colleagues,  and with some celebrities.

If you know the benefits of social media marketing and how to grow audience in social media, You can pitch your content on social media quickly to generate referral traffic and social media awareness.

                              Here I discussed with you all the concepts related to secrets of seo marketing to get business not a long-term process which asked you at the beginning of this article some questions regarding secrets of seo marketing. If you have any query or confusion in mind, please raise your query in below comments I will follow up your valuable doubts we can discuss here.  

5 Steps of Keyword Research – How to do Keyword Research Process

5 Steps of Keyword Research – How to do Keyword Research Process

Keyword Research Process

As you know Keyword Research is an essential task for every website to get good business or right results for your site from search engines. If your expecting any business, sales, or leads from digital marketing, you need to select or correct keywords. Through which you can get good results in return. If we think about business many ways we have to grow our business through online, even from social media and paid advertising, you need right keywords should insert in your website content. As a primary keyword and secondary keywords. At any cost you need to research for keywords in online through research keyword tools, competitive sites, keyword recommendations with your colleagues, customers etc. if you have and your brain thinking ideas keywords about your business. What people will search for your business in search engines.  And  after that analyse the keywords, how could be examining process which is displaying below

Perform a Keyword Research

Now it’s time to build a Keyword Research list for your website. It’s easy, Do not evaluate a keywords list yet, below the steps of keywords list are shown after reading that you can quickly decide what a keyword is, how can we select and determine, the best keyword for our website.

Business Analysis and Product Category:

Analysis requirements of your business and it is related to which category of business and your business services which kind of services, try to find out the age criteria, and targeted audience of your product. To whom your product is useful, who can buy it, your product is helpful to all educated and non-educated persons etc. On this business requirement basis, you need to do a Keyword Research. This points you need to analyse and write it down in a checklist format so that your checklist it would be useful to search a unique targeted focus keyword for your business.


Write down all the possible keywords you think to find your website for all the products/services/information you offer.

Think in other’s perspective and add more keywords (someone else will search to find your business).

Also, think of possible misspellings words or slangs etc. Ordinary people can use that keyword and find your website add to list.

If your website is specific to a location, include local keywords.

Collect from your Co-Workers

Ask your team members to check what keywords they would use to find your website and add to the list.  Ask your supervisors.

Collect from Competitors

Prepare a list of competitor websites, check their pages to identify your keywords they are targeting. Add the relevant keywords to your list.

Collect from Industry Magazines, blogs and websites

Read books or magazines related to your industry, collect keyword ideas and add to list.

Read websites, forums, blogs, search networking sites and check how they are referring the products/services/information you are presenting collect keyword ideas and add to list.

Collect from your customers (if available)

Talk to your customers and find more keywords and add to the list. Pay attention to the phone calls/email queries/live support and observe how people are asking questions and add to the list.

Identify synonyms for the keywords

If you get the excellent list of keywords, try to find out the synonyms of those keywords. One way to do this is to use – in front of the search term in Google to include the synonyms.

Use Keyword Research Tools for Keyword Data

After the brainstorming and recommendations keywords getting, you need searched and find the keywords rating data how much monthly searching volumes for this keyword, how much no of pages for this keyword you need to get the search engine results from search engines Google, Yahoo, and Bing etc. From which search engine you will get the right business for that search engine concentrate more, to checking and searching volume of keywords data you can explore many keyword tools like Google keyword planner, Google Correlate, Free Word stream Keyword Tool, Keyword In, and Google Trends. Though many more tools for keyword researching those are premium based keyword tools like SEMrush, MOZ keyword Research, Open site Explorer Keyword Tool, and Ahref keyword tool etc. many tools are available which helps for keyword evaluating. It’s Depend on our requirement.

For all keyword Research tool results are same. It gives results same,  but the features of competitor analysis are different in premium tools.  You can expect the features of competitor’s traffic and keywords whereas in free based Keyword Research tool you can get only simple results like average monthly searches volume, the competition of a keyword, bidding amount for run AdWords campaigns.

Evaluate the Keywords

After the keyword research completed, evaluate your keywords using a tool like Google Keyword Suggestion Tool. Using tools like these, you can identify how often your keyword searches what the keyword click-through rates (CTR) are, and whether it would be a right keyword, proper keyword to keep or not. Depend on our targeting locations Keyword Research tool gives a competition and monthly searching results. Such as, Here, shown below the screenshots how to search a keyword “ Digital Marketing Jobs ” and how to target the location.

Identify Keyword Competition

Check how many no of pages that are returning in Google for each keyword and enter the number under the column “ no of pages “ in the excel file.

Derive Keyword Effective Index

            KEI =   No of  Pages Results /  No. of. MSV (monthly searches volume)

Let our example  Around 130000 competitor web pages  for a specific keyword having around 380 searches a month  then KEI would be calculated as follows:

KEI = 130000/380 = 342.10

The lower KEI,  The better your chances to get high rank in search engine.

The greater KEI, The lesser your chances to get high rank in search engine.

Above tutorial video may help you, how to calculate keyword effective index KEI or finalise a keyword for your website.

Classify Short tail and Longtail Keywords

During the keyword research process, you will come across a mix of short-tail and long-tail keywords. Both can be used to support your SEO campaign.

Short Tail: These root keywords pertain to the particular topic, product or service.

Example:   “SEO“ is a short-tail keyword it represents a single idea. Short-tail words or phrases have more traffic potential than longer sentences.

Long Tail: These keywords are extensions of shorter words and phrases. Best SEO services in India, a long-tail keyword might be “affordable SEO services for a small business.” The more extended expressions help you attract a particular audience. It’s also easier to rank well for these phrases. Due to the reduced level of competition.

Such as while you are trying for Keyword Research process keyword tools you can see the results on two types of keywords, small phrases words and long phrases words those are called short-tail keyword and long-tail keyword. Both are using keywords for our website but depend on requirements. If your site or YouTube channel is new started, then you can get ranking with long-tail keywords with low competitions. For long-tail keywords, inferior race, whereas for short-tail keywords high competition. Such as pizza, burger, goggles, pen, shoes, smartphone etc.

For short-tail one or two words we have full competitions in search engines, it will give results different types of brands websites if you type any product such I wrote above paragraph. But for a long-tail keyword with low competition, you can get chance easily to get rank soon.

SEO Marketing Process | How to do Search Engine Optimization

SEO Marketing Process | How to do Search Engine Optimization

SEO Marketing Process and Search Engine Optimization.

SEO stands for search engine optimization, SEO can be done to get top position in search engine results, to optimize our website SEO process can be done by free organic traffic, without investing any money. SEO results would be work on the contextual pattern, and manually SEO beats a paid traffic.

The SEO process can be started in the form of cycle format, for every means we have some cyclic stages. Lets we got a project or client we have to plan it on the requirement basis. If a client doesn’t have a website, our development team needs to develop a site on the requirement of client and digital marketer point of view. Else client have own web page means we need to follow some cyclic format steps those are as follows.

This article SEO process on SEO Marketing Process, latest SEO update which is working on SEO projects in running the year 2018 SEO process Hence as follows

Digital Marketing Requirement Questionnaire or SEO Goal understanding

SEO goal which is nothing but we need to check the status of a website which is called SEO Audit. Which is nothing complete investigation of your website? How much organic search traffic? How many ranking keywords How many backlinks, how many competitors? How much content length of the site, broken links, website, and directory structure, social profiles and local profiles, Alexa rank, domain authority, and page authority, etc.

A most straightforward user-friendly tool which will get a bulk of SEO audit information can be done by SEMRush an open source tool. We cannot be able to get other website traffic or audit results, that too with registering with domain email id only can be able to audit website, rather than SEMRush will provide your best result, through SEMRush tool you can get fast traffic or audit results.

SEO Theme Document

So,  After getting SEO Audit report you need to decide a plan for SEO work, what we have to do. In how many days, how much have to do per each day, blah blah, etc. same as cost estimation document of software or web development process model in digital marketing domain is called  “SEO Theme Document. “

Keyword Research and Analysis

Researching a word which is most volume and highly searchable in a month related to your website categories in search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing, etc. Those phrasal words we need check-in tools like  Google AdWords, SEMRush and Google Trends, etc. We need to analyze and research the keywords by comparing with competitors that process is called Keyword Research and Analysis.

SEO Benchmarking

What is the current status of your keywords which are you selected to your website? For each web page of your site, how much mostly searches,  how much volume, how much competition for the keyword, etc. After getting this information you can able to decide which is your Focus Keyword of your website, then you can run or start the working on your site.

Competitor Analysis

For every business have a competitor so for that competitor you need to know how a market is growing, which keyword they are using, which strategy they are running every tactic of competitor you need to take care this factors process is called competitor analysis. Competitor analysis you can able to get quickly to SEMRush and open-source tool and from Google even.

Website Architecture

For every plan either business or home, we need to prepare a plan for that which is nothing but an architecture. As same as for website also we need to develop a plan a structure for our website such as your running online shopping website you will prepare as follows

To get information on our client website and directory structures an open source tool   “ screaming frog “ a tool which gives you a result of each web page, subpages and directory structures for your website.

Social media profiles

For website organic search traffic and to generate a leads or business we need to maintain social media profiles. Related to our business service category perspective, we need to be active on respective social media channels and sharing on related groups depend on targeted customers, which peoples are your clients or customers depend on that you have to do posting on respective time zone and social media channel on the targeted location.

Lets such as an example, for your business, targeted location is  “united states, ” and targeted peoples are students or freshers who are seeking jobs or hunting jobs. So you need to be posted on social media channel like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram, etc. That too on the US – PST (pacific standard time) zone and to share on jobs portal groups, from remaining social media channel you can’t expect any lead. Why because it’s related job hunting professional category, and related to fresher’s or students most of the students would be active always on Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram very much.

For these processing “ Buffer “ and “ HootSuite “Open Source tools will help you for automation planning posting on social media channel.

Local Business Profiles

For every business we need a universal identification must suppose you have a business of “ café and restaurant  “. If someone near to your business spot got stuck in traffic that person need to have a tea or meal. That person opens his smartphone and tries to search on google dish name or near tea point. So search engine should give the result of your business spot address, those registration profile is nothing but the local business profile of your business spot.


Link-building or Backlinks generating

Getting a link from another website is called a backlink, backlinks can be generating interacting with the website authors or administrators who can moderate the sites. You have to communicate them and convince them, then only you will get assurance this link would be valid, and quality link, which is not restricted from Google algorithm, this process of getting other website links is called Link-building. Link-building will give your weight score to your website, to get a good position in search engines.

Initially on previous 2012 days. SEO guys use to do for generating backlinks by directory submissions, insert a link to blog comment and adding a bulk of repeated keywords on your website. They can get those days quickly, but now Google algorithm changed,  Now you should maintain in your site a rich quality content on your website each web pages and Getting links also in a contextual way through source blog websites, niche directories, etc.

SEO Maintenance

After completing above all steps such as researching keywords and analysis, competitive analysis, social media profile promote local business profile and link building. You need to maintain an SEO process like check the process is going on correct way or not, whether getting good results with this strategy or not or else need to change policy. Preparing analytics report, tracking report, checking traffic source, backlinks, ranking report, etc.