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Best Digital Marketing Agency

Finding the right digital marketing agency is not easy for everyone!

Whether that digital marketing agency can able to work on their agreement or not? 

Whether able to reach targeted audiences or not. Whether they able return of budget from what we invested in marketing, that digital marketing agency has any good structure planning and fundamentals of digital marketing process or not, whether the marketing campaign able to get the return of investment or not.


The truth is agencies can able to get the return of your budget what you invested in marketing in-house team. However, before you can run marketing campaigns, you have to make sure that you are team following these steps.

An understanding of customer’s behavior

This concept is a core marketing process of communicating with customers what they are looking for, what are their interesting platforms, whether they hang out. Before you do that you need to research your audience. Not just surfing level they need to help and understand on an SEO level.

For example, 

  • What are the solutions have they already tried to solve their problems? 
  • What do they think about whether they are best for them and why? 
  • What do they think unique about this situation?

Structured process and Documentation for each task

For every marketing agency to every business, if they are getting return of investment vast and growing business revenue as you grow, you have to prepare the documentation and process about your workflows.

For example, you need documentation ready to run a paid campaign, social media campaigns.


Right Tools

For every business process, if you’re running on digital marketing campaigns, you need to take the support of the right digital marketing tools like bufferMailchimpAlexa, and Google Analytics machine to track the audience or customers of your business services. The more sophisticated your, the more time you will need to spend with employees to run an excellent digital marketing campaign.


Around 5 to 6 months it will take to get good organic traffic results for your website, in this, you have to be consistent in your SEO work whether the content marketers are working on consistency delivering the correct audience, whether they are getting a return on investment by running SEO campaign’s or not.


It is easy to write random blogs and articles but it very high risk to write quality content which is audience understanding point of view. That’s what separates decent blogs will get true ones at the end of the day those blogs, high rankings on Google come from creating and publishing remarkable content that your audience interested level.


You make sure that on budgeting and mind of works which is ready to work on your projects when you prepared to hire a digital marketing agency for your projects.

You should be aware of all the digital marketing channels process.

  • How much time will it take for organic traffic and paid traffic results? 
  • How much budget will it make for investing in your paid campaigns?


  • What is the return on investments you will receive?
  • When your campaign’s run successfully, and you should be aware of digital marketing? 
  • How many different teams should work such as content writers for content marketing, graphic designers, and digital marketers?

Here, you can able to know about general calculations of budget return of investment on every digital marketing module channel for common standard projects along with regular five digital marketing agency successful case studies.

What Results can you expect?

The most important thing when it comes to your marketing spend is your ROI, but the problem is most marketers are don’t know to measure important what is the return on investment in marketing. According to marketers professionals, 80% of marketers say that they expect campaigns to be measured. Moreover, yet only 18% can measure the ROI of public relations, 24% can measure ROI on search engine optimization, and 26% can measure ROI on social media marketing.

It’s helpful to have benchmarks to look at and how much ROI you should expect from each digital channel. Here the return of the budget of investment you can able to see from different types of circuits.

Getting a return depends on a variety of factors, which is no specific result can be guaranteed for every individual company.

How Quality and how competitive the product in our market.

How competitive and sophisticated the industry as a whole.

Competency in that particular agency product in a market. 

How accurately conversions can tracking.

You should make sure that your agency understands how to calculate ROI.

If you understand the fundamentals of digital marketing and its benefits now, you can understand how to calculate Expected Return on Investment (ROI) Budget if your willing to hire a digital marketing agency with some following successful digital marketing agency case studies.

Calculating ROI for an SEO Campaign

General formula exception ROI for an SEO campaign.

Anticipated ROI = (Anticipated Revenue from SEO efforts – Proposed Cost of SEO Project) / Proposed Cost of the SEO Project.

Let us say you run an e-commerce site. Your anticipated  ROI can be calculated based on the average monthly visits to your site, average conversion based on your site, and average order value.

Suppose your website you will get monthly visits are 50,000 your conversion rate is 0.68%, and your average order value is INR 17600/-. Moreover, your agency tells you that might have to spend INR 140,000 /- for your SEO Campaign.

It is the break-even point at which you will generate a positive ROI from your agency and can determine by the proposed cost of the project / average order value. If your cost of the project is INR 1,40,000/-  and your average profit is INR 17600/-  our break-even point is 114 Sales.

You can also determine the additional traffic you need to break even by no. of. Orders are required to break-even/e-commerce conversion rate. So if you need 114 laws to break even and your conversion rate is 0.68%, then you need 16,765 visits to your site break even.

To see significant ROI from the Campaign. You’d probably want to see at least double these results as a client. So your ideal number of visits should be approx. 32,000

Calculating for an AdWords Campaign

If you have Google Analytics. You’ll notice that there’s a default tab that shows the ROI of AdWords.

Google Analytics combines your total revenue from both your transactions and goals. It could potentially lead to double counting. For example, if a user on your site adds something to their cart, it becomes a monetized goal.

ROI  calculated  =  revenue – cost/ cost

You’re making 600% ROI if your revenue is INR 42000/-  from  INR 7000/- ad spend

Your Real ROI calculation should also factor in your profit margin. The formula for this would be revenue x margin-cost/cost. Such as if your profit margin is 0.4 and your revenue and expense are INR 42000/- and INR 7000/- respectively, then your ROI would be 140%.

Calculating for a Social Media Campaign

Social media is one of the toughest areas of marketing to justify marketers regarding spending. That’s because most marketers don’t know how to calculate ROI from Social media beyond just the surface level of metrics such as likes or favorites.

Here few are social media campaigns we have to take care of,

  •    New followers
  •    Clicks on the link for an update
  •    Online Purchases
  •    Filling out the contact form
  •    Signups for newsletters
  •    Downloads of PDF file
  •    Time spent on a crucial web page

The next step is actually to track your chosen goals. You can follow website actions ( like sales, downloads, signups) in Google Analytics,

   Lifetime value

   Lifetime value x conversion rate

   Average deal

   PPC costs – this number represents how much you’d pay to use ads to achieve the same social media actions.

According to Buffer, here are some benchmarks on how much each social media platform costs based on their results.

Facebook like average – INR 35/- per page like

Facebook reach average – INR 42/- per thousand impressions

Facebook click average – INR 35/- per click

Promoted tweet – INR 245/- per thousand impressions

LinkedIn – INR 140/- per click

Calculating ROI for Content Marketing

As you know, the recent Google Algorithm says content only the king of digital marketing. At any cost, if you insert quality content on your website, which is attractive to customers, and you have to run a campaign on content marketing on social media with the quality of content.

For calculating the ROI of Content marketing, you need to concentrate on a few essential vital points which are as follows.

  •    Unique visits
  •    Geography
  •    Mobile Readership
  •    Bounce rates/ time spent
  •    Heatmaps
  •    Pageviews
  •    Comments
  •    Shares

Now that we have some good sense of metrics from different digital marketing channels strategies to understand the benefits of digital marketing and study of marketing let’s go through with case studies.



One of the best Digital Marketing agencies in India, this company does all aspects of internet media solutions, promotional, and advertising services for brands out there.

Services Offered:  Media Relations, Product Marketing, Public Affairs, and Consumer Marketing.

Top Clients:  Emami, Nanhi Kali, IPSA, Sunsilk, Hero Pleasure, and more…

Founded In: 2000

CEO: Chayya Bhardwaj

Locations: Mumbai.

Team size: 51-200 employees.

Awards :

India’s top 10 Digital Marketing Agencies by economic times (2010, 2011).

BC has recently been awarded for excellence in creating customer experience by Adobe 2011.

The company has awarded ISO-9001-2000 QMS certification with the latest certification received in November 2011


Webchutney is a digital marketing agency in India of the group Dentsu Aegis Network (DAN). It is renowned as one of the top digital marketing agencies in India that offer services like website design, mobile marketing, social media marketing, and online advertising.

Services offered: Website Design, Mobile Marketing, Social Media Marketing, and Online Advertising.

Top Clients: Airtel, Microsoft, Unilever, Manco, Titan, MasterCard, Barclays, Proctor & Gamble, Budweiser, and Wipro.

Founded In: 1999

CEO: Sidharth Rao

Locations: New Delhi, Bangalore, and Mumbai.

Team Size: 201-500 employees.

Awards: DMAI awards for its projects in Remit2India, Standard Chartered, and Clear-trip.


Pinstorm is a well renowned Digital Marketing Organization that has been working in the same vertical for a couple of years now and has a good name in the market.

Services Offered: Social Media Marketing, Search Marketing, Campaigns, Ads, Bids, Prospects, and Search engine marketing.

Top Clients: Yahoo, Canon, Greenpeace, Lee, Tanishq, Sony, Taj, Hindustan Times, and jet airways.

Founded In: 2004

CEO: Mahesh Murthy

Locations: Mumbai, US, Europe, Malaysia, Singapore, Gurgaon, and Bangalore.

Team size: 51-100 Employees

Awards: Red Herring Global Top 100 Award

Istract Technologies 

It is a member of the national association of software and services companies (NASSCOM) amongst several media companies in India. Istrat has a wide range of services.

Services Offered: Digital Communication services, Digital films, interactive kiosks, SEO, Relationship Management, Web Solutions, and Social Media.

Top Clients: Wikipedia, NDTV,, Ask, Yahoo, MSN, Google, Ranbaxy, Hero Honda, and Ericsson India.

Founded In: 1991

CEO: Navneet Singh Sahni

Locations: Gurgaon, New Delhi, Australia, and the USA

Team Size: 50 employees

Awards :

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