Fundamentals of Digital Marketing

Hi guys,  Welcome to my first blog post hope you are all doing good in life, let us discuss with you some more exciting topic today about fundamentals of digital marketing. Because nowadays most of the guys are looking and searching for what is this digital marketing.

What the hell is this why is such a demanding job in the industry, and that too in most of the companies. Founders and managers are giving priority to digital marketing profile than software engineers and other professionals people. Because digital marketing only a key role in present generation compare to all different domain to grow a business nowadays.

All are the best profession few will develop the application, few will test the application, and few will manage all the database process of the application.

But one who gets the business and get good results for business through a digital marketer only.

For every type of business to make a success in business through online you need a digital marketing profession must. Because nowadays every person in the world is internet users they are habituated and participated in every digital media channel through digital devices like smartphone, laptop and tab phone etc.

Nowadays in every house, you can able to see a digital device, and everyone is having internet facility in their hand.

Peoples are addicted to surfing the internet and chatting, communicating with new persons to make new connections in social networking sites. For maintain fan followers and they need service to a door. No one people are ready nowadays to buy a product to go to a retailer shop or any item they need.

Naturally, they search on google, yahoo and other search engines and they will visit the sites or links what they will see on search results list. And they will buy the product what they like. For that purpose, digital marketing is beneficial than traditional marketing.

After reading these fundamentals of digital marketing, you will get to know about answers on

  • Introduction to digital marketing
  • Is digital marketing related to marketing domain or advertisers?
  • So, what is digital marketing then?
  • Why digital marketing is necessary already we had a traditional marketing team in our company?
  • Do we need any budget or investor to start a business through digital marketing?

Introduction to Digital Marketing

In olden days before 19th Century, most of the people are used for communication or advertising their information, through newspapers, TV, Radio Ads, Telephonic Call, and Banners etc. Most of the peoples are ready to invest a lot of money in offline marketing or traditional marketing for stalls, banners, and advertising autos. And Newspaper it will charge for one page of Ad in the front paper it will cost around 13 lakhs of rupees to publish in 2 lakh population, that’s the reason Traditional marketing so competitive and so highly cost-effective to run the business to get sales in the market. Slowly since from 1998 internet comes on a picture in India. Peoples and students became so habituated with digital devices like Computer, laptop, mobiles etc. before the 19th century, there is no internet. But now in this year, 2017 present overall 700 million peoples are habituated users of the Internet, who uses all social media channels like Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram etc.  

Is digital marketing related to marketing domain or advertisers?

No, it is not related to any marketing domain because most of the people by seeing a term word marketing with many digital people were asked me about are you into marketing sector.

And many of people were asked me why you select or choose digital marketing domain in career your from computer science software background.

Yes, digital marketing is a mixing of all backgrounds people like computer science, mechanical, construction, electrical and arts etc.

All backgrounds can be eligible for digital marketing domain.

Digital marketing comes in IT sector only how means, whatever you develop a website or web applications by support through software methodologies like JAVA, .NET and PHP etc.

At last for starting your business in online, you need to focus on digital marketing concepts, like how to reach an audience, how to get clients for our business, how to get good reviews in a market, how to get good results for the website.

Whatever work digital marketer guys will do a job, they will work on online concepts only, and they track your website results, with the help of JavaScript tracking code, and they will use HTML/CSS code for modification for your site front-end scripting part.

To make your website Google friendly, to get index your website in search engines and get good results or good rank in search engine.

 “ Digital marketing is not only done the marketing or advertising they are the master in functionality users point of view, and they are the master in software designing, architecture, analysis.”

Not only just writing code on framework tools and getting frustrated with a lot of pressure with clients and managers.

So, What is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is a process where you can reach your business targets by attracting through your content to specifically related persons for engaging and converting them into our business.Marketing is a functional organisational process where you can creating, communicating and delivering to end users for managing with them customer relationships for customer satisfaction in the industry. In a Simple term, you can understand that Traditional Marketing differs from Digital Marketing because through traditional marketing you can’t be able to check the insights of our business you can’t able maintain a data management, through Analytics of your business.

Why is Digital Marketing So Important?

Now, A good question most of top business man’s they won’t concentrate. About digital marketing and to get good results from search engines. They won’t  run the business on digital marketing, yes they won’t do business through online because of they already a well brand name in a market they have a lot of customers, clients, vendors, investors, and stakeholders etc.

They don’t need to bother about the analytics part how many peoples are interested in our products, how many customers are ready to take our service, they can make a massive amount of money and get lots of ROI in that place. For most of starting business mans and mid-level starting business this digital marketing process it is essential them, through “digital marketing” concept you can plan and create your strategy after research on Competitive Analysis. And you can get instant results of your ads on digital channels like clicks, impressions, and conversions.Which customer are interested in your product, who are willing to buy your product by analytics your business website .to become a good entrepreneur you need to know about the what is benefits of digital marketing and what is its process, Defining, creating, attracting and converting.

Why digital marketing is necessary already we had a traditional marketing team in our company?

Yes, your traditional marketing is available but what can digital marketing team do to grow your business.  “Traditional marketers” can able to achieve that much best insights and analytics for your business.

Through digital marketing, you can check the ROI of your business, and you can control and manage your audience through “google analytics”, and you can check everything about your business website activity or else if any errors all type of activity you can able to manage through “search console”.

And you can able to see what people were searching on internet related to your business through “keyword planner”.

It is only not much more “benefits of digital marketing you can utilise after knowing fundamentals of digital marketing.

Do we need any budget or investor to start a business through digital marketing?

Yes, of Course, you don’t need any budget or investor to start a business through digital marketing.

 You just need a plan, and how to start your business through online, you have to know about who is your competitor through traditional marketing, who took all your projects, it may come in hand if you start digital marketing process in the beginning.

You just need a digital marketing team in your business, start with free organic results through a Search Engine Optimization process. And slowly after getting some business or clients through digital marketing, you can begin to online advertising through “Google AdWords or “Social media marketing.

Once you know the benefits of Search Engine Optimization, you can understand the fundamentals of digital marketing.

Hence, I discussed and tried to explain in essential words about Fundamentals of digital marketing and how the process of digital marketing works. If you have any doubts and confusion in mind, you can raise in below comments. I will be available for you at any time