6 Major Facts of Google Advertising Google AdWords Best Practices 2018

6 Major Facts of Google Advertising Google AdWords Best Practices 2018

Google AdWords Best Practices 2018

Google AdWords best practices which can help you to generate your sales or leads for your business.

Here I am discussing with you people guys it’s my own real experience withheld in my experience.

First of all, before starting about Google Adwords best practices, I let you know the essential facts of Google advertising which will generate your business quickly.

As you know as usual in Google Adwords, we have five types of advertising networks those are as follows

Search Ads network

Search and Display ads network

Display Ads

Video Ads

Shopping Ads

All ads we can able to run, and we can expect business above all the advertising networks even.

Here my questions are

  • When and which ads network is helpful to us with most of most return of investments (ROI)?
  • What we have to focused on ads?
  • Whom we have to target and who are our targeted audience?
  • How can we set up our Adwords campaign settings?
  • Which Bid strategy we have to follow to generate more business?
  • Are, we engaging our audience through our ads or not?


Yes, right which I am going discuss six significant facts of Google advertising and Google Adwords best practices which can generate your business those are as follows.

Which is the best Google ads network?

Yes, most of the people will make the same mistakes initially they did not look at any calculations, any procedure for ads.

Just blindly they will invest the money in all ads; even I also have lousy experience a couple of years ago with especially display ads.

First of all, you have a plan and analyze your goals of the campaign what you’re looking for a monthly base campaign setup.

If you’re looking for sales or conversions through your website, then I suggest you go with just search ads campaign rather than with search and display ads network.

Because Display ads mainly work for brand awareness of your product or reaching more people on your website.

Search Ads work on the search query based whoever looking to purchase or buy related to your product for those people only your search ads will visible that too on a specific location on which location your targeting audience available.

If you invest, 300 INR is enough per day for search ads depend on your business and your bidding auction

Most of the people will invest more on display ads by expecting conversions will happen more through display ads.

However, this is the wrong assumption of our friend’s displays ads just for brand awareness, reaching more people by clicks, impressions, etc.

If you’re expecting some revenue to get back a return of investment through Adwords campaigns, then you have to select and start your campaign with search ads initially later you can go with display ads or video ads, and if you have an ecommerce website, you can go with shopping ads even.

What we have to focused on AdWords campaign?

It is one of the first significant facts of Google advertising and Google AdWords best practices which we run campaigns but don’t know what your goal’s and analytics of our campaigns is.

Regularly we have to check and analyze our campaigns insights such as clicks, interaction percentage rate, and conversions.

For all the campaigns you will receive millions of impressions, but our essential goal task is to generate sales or get conversions.

So, we have to analyze with comparison with weekly wise or monthly wise so you can get an idea more to implement a new strategy.


Who is our Targeted audience?

It is one of the main significant facts of Google AdWords best practices and Google advertising without a targeted audience your campaign look like a fish market with junk leads or conversions.

So, first of all, figure out your product for whom is related to who can able to buy to whom is useful if they buy.

If your product is “ new jewelry designed product “ why I have to buy I click your ad and read the information and click it.

Because I am a Man, it does not mean every man won’t buy your product some men will be jewelry shop owners they will purchase and sell your product in their store and will get a commission.

Moreover, some men will buy your jewelry product for his daughter wedding planning purpose or else men will buy to gift for his mother, sister or wife.

So target your audience on demographics, behavior, interest, and topics targeting methods point of view.

AdWords Campaign Setup

Yes, this is the most and essential fact of Google advertising and Google AdWords best practices most of the AdWords optimizer will make the mistakes initially when they set up campaigns.

They do not look or think about the goals of the campaign and the terms and conditions of Google Adwords.

First of all the list out the steps and targeting methods of your campaign and which type of our Adwords network campaign your planning to start.

Who is the targeted audience of your campaign

Moreover, one more critical note immediate google algorithm update releases for all the display, video or shopping ads campaign, Google going to remove Keyword targeting method soon.

You can target your campaign with keywords targeting method.

Google AdWords Bid Strategies:

Yes, bid strategies also one of the most crucial fact of Google advertising and Google AdWords best practices because what you’re investing in your campaign that should give some output results of your campaigns.

Actually, what is the word ‘Bid’ term?

The bid means whenever your running a campaign auction will depend upon your campaign goals in between your competitors.

So come out from the AdWords bidding auction with good “ Ad Rank” position bid strategies will use.

Bid strategies mean for what action you’re willing to pay and what are those Bidding strategies are as enhanced Cost per Click ( CPC ), Automated Maximise Clicks, Automated Maximise Conversions, Target Cost per Acquisition ( CPA ). Maximize Cost per Impressions ( CPM ), and Maximise Cost per View ( CPV )

You might have confusion in mind actually what all those bidding strategies how they will work in AdWords campaign auction. You can have a look here what is Google Adword and Basic steps of Google search ads and display ads networks.

I suggesting your if you’re expecting from a campaign, please go with initially with Maximise Conversions option for search ads.

Don’t prefer with the enhanced CPC why because few of the AdWords expert will think that we could decide well and In how much cost per click will get a conversion. Also, how much damage per acquisition ( CPA ) why because to set the system to reach targeted audience CPA bid strategy it will take time to get conversion even though sometimes in an auction you may lose Ad Rank quality leads or conversions also. 

Yes, if your Campaign is Display Ad campaign you, please refer it Maximise Clicks because you get maximum reaches and website traffic also with less budget.

Note: Display Ad or Video Ad Campaigns don’t invest budget higher than the Search Ads because Display and Video Ads campaigns are just for reaching people, brand awareness purpose.  


Engaging the Audience through Google AdWords Campaign

It is one of the most and least essential facts of Google advertising and Google AdWords best practices which is most of the people will forget when they are managing AdWords campaign account.

All of the AdWords experts and businesspeople will look for only priority to get conversions to generate business they do not bother about to engaging online audience or your targeted audience through your campaigns.

Yes through your Display ads campaign you can engage by remarketing strategy or existing audience of your website visitors in a battle. 



Note: In all the Campaigns set up also we have one Demographics settings option in that you can select your target audience gender, ages, and family income score percentage. Along with the specific targeted locations and topics of people. 

Here, I explained you all the details of six major facts of Google Advertising and Adwords best practices which can generate your business easily. If you have any query or confusion please raised your doubt or confusion below comment box, I will follow up your discussions and please share this blog with your friends if you really like the way of my explanation.

How to run Google AdWords Campaign – How to do Google AdWords

How to run Google AdWords Campaign – How to do Google AdWords

How to run Google AdWords Campaign

How to run Google AdWords every person want to know and searching on google search engine frequently, Most of the users are so afraid to run a Google AdWords campaigns. Because many persons think that Google AdWords is a paid advertising tool, we are investing money in that machine if that tool debit extra amount from our bank account. Else if we unable to get business if we spend money also.

So, first of all, you have to know what Google AdWords is and how to do Google AdWords. Then we can efficiently manage our campaigns account and run campaigns quickly, and for running Google AdWords campaigns, you have to understand the necessary process of every digital marketing module. Such as if you go through with search engine optimization (SEO), Social Media Marketing (SMM), Email Marketing, Content Marketing, etc. you can able to understand the central fact of Google AdWords. Why is so crucial most of the founders why they will take time to decide to invest in a Google AdWords Campaign process.

Google AdWords is one of the tool of Google where you can able to advertise on your website in online, by your target audiences, currency and time zone area. For doing online advertising, you need to pay amount cost per click, how much amount you invest per click and by bidding strategy, if the competitor spent twice lesser value than the cost per click compare your s. So, your ad would be visible in the first position, unless until if your ad keyword relevancy is good and landing experience is quality based.

Now, you might have confusion in mind by seeing the words like “ bidding strategy,” “keyword relevancy” and “landing page experience” etc. No worries if your brother is here below paragraphs and all your confusions will be apparent.

Let me share with you some questions which I have for you

What is your Goal for AdWords Campaign and for why you’re here to run your Google AdWords campaign for bidding strategy?

Who is your targeted audience for keyword relevancy for your campaign?

What is your expecting from a targeted audience to get after they visit your landing page of your website?

Without deciding anything researching so many persons will start fear about thinking how to run Google AdWords Campaign and how to Google AdWords. Most of the user’s failure and give up on business this only, they will feel when they struck and unable to get any revenue they give up their dreams and ambitions. And they will sit idle without any work and business routine life.

“The person who moves a mountain begins by carrying away small stones“.

AdWords Campaign Planning:

Before starting an AdWords campaign, you have to plan first of all you have to note it down some few points in the worksheet.

  • Which type of business is this?
  • Who is the targeted audience for your campaign?
  • Who are the competitors of your company?
  • How much budget you have for a run a drive?
  • From Which Currency and Time Zone you’re planning for Campaign?

If you get these answers and fully confirmed for your campaign then only you can move forward to think about AdWords campaign which type Ad networks you can able to select.

Because In AdWords Campaign once you selected “Currency and Time Zone” then you can able to change, if you would like to change your Currency or time zone means then you must have to create another campaign account with another Gmail Id. Because Google AdWords it doesn’t belong to in terms and conditions.

Now you might have confusion how to create a campaign structure, what is AdWords Campaigns Networks and Which Ad Networks is the best for business, either search ad network, display ad network or else video ad network.


As I discussed with you guys in my previous blog posts on how many types of Google AdWords networks and which kind of business what ads would be useful to run online advertising Such as



Search & Display Ad Network

Display Ad Network

Video Ad Network

Shopping Ad Network


Business, Conversions, and Leads, etc.


Brand Awareness

Video Marketing, Media News, etc.

Ecommerce Business



So, till now we got about how to plan an AdWords Campaign plan who are the targeted audience and location and our business which kind of category for which we are running the campaign. We have to decide and note it down all the critical points of AdWords or Online Advertising which we are agreed to run a campaign on Google AdWords.


Google AdWords Campaign is also known as (PPC) pay per click which means for click per Ad you have to pay an amount. It depends on how much you are like to spend an amount per click depending on “bidding auction “between you and your paid search competitors. Who is running Campaign in Google AdWords in same services as you? Paid search results are nothing, but results which will come by paying an amount to a search engine is called paid search.


Now you have to know about the how to target the audience for your ads campaigns. As you know about the how many types of AdWords Campaigns and how to use the drive and which kind of “ bidding strategy” you have to know, but before that, you have to be aware of ads network campaign creation. For every campaign initial starting Headlines, description is the same procedure.


Focused Keywords Strategy and Campaign Creation:


To run an AdWords Campaign for every kind of business you must and should have to collect targeted keywords and you have to know about how to do “keyword research process” and what are the significant factors of keywords for your business website.


If you are not focused on keywords, then you can’t be able to run a Google AdWords campaign successfully because if the keywords not incorrect, you can’t get any clicks conversions and leads even for your drive.


While searching analyzing keywords for your website don’t bother about “suggest bid” and most volume keyword in a Google, keyword planner. Just take out the keywords which are related to your website services which are high volume and find out the KEI value “keyword efficiency Index” how to calculate as you know about my previous article which Keyword research process.


Now, you have to concentrate AdWords Campaign structure such as follows


First of all, you have registered with Gmail id for Google AdWords, and you have to create AdWords Account structure, and you have to know about “how to start a Google AdWords” and its factors then only you can understand how to run a Campaign.



Search Ad Network Campaign


Headline1:  which is your business specialty or features which should cover by focused keyword what you searched in keyword planner by putting your efforts and have to write that to in limit of 30 characters.


Headline2: What you’re offering your business to customers or clients why you are running a campaign that you write in headline2 that too in limits 30 characters.


Description: In this field, you write about the landing page campaign details I mean to say a story of a campaign. Such for example you’re running a campaign for students for providing a digital marketing training through student registration form. Then you will write about the trainer details and institute details by covering keywords in the description which is in a limit of 80 characters.


Site extensions: All your contact details like a call to action, email id, etc.


And then now you have to decide about target location and a targeted audience you can select a place on your campaign requirement on which area your expecting more your clients more.


Next step we have to know about “bidding strategy” I will explain you in below session about bidding strategies.


Display Ad Network Campaign 

This campaign might be difficult from search ad network campaign because in search ad network campaign we can expect more business leads, sales, and conversions.

But display ad network campaign is most useful for brand awareness and traffic purpose. When you’re planning to display ad network campaign, you have to be aware of what is “branding promotion and brand awareness” and what are the factors of Display ad networks.


Display Ad network campaign to run first of all you have to decide who is your business targeted audience on which third-party website our ads have to display.

From which third-party website we can expect more clicks and conversions these targeted sites you can find in Google AdWords display campaigns structure targeted affected area by category way.

For display ads, you just need right dimensions and attractive designed image with slogans on the image. And targeted focus keywords for Ad groups.

By which you can understand if any user search related to those keywords and search related website in that websites our display ads would be displayed.

Remaining as usual steps as same as in the previous article what I explained about the “major factors of display ad networks” to run a campaign. And you can easily understand what steps have to follow how to run a Google AdWords Campaign.


Selecting a Bidding Strategy on Business Requirements:

For choosing a bidding strategy, you just have to care about for what outputs we are running a campaign. Such as many people run a campaign for generating leads, sales, and forms, etc. and few people run a drive just for getting traffic and brand awareness.

But most of the advertisers, not aware of what is our output expecting and which bid strategy we have to follow, with every advertiser this mistake will happen.

So, before that, you just have to be aware what the bidding strategies are and which bid strategy is useful to us which depends on requirements.


Few of bidding strategies Abbreviations you need to know those are

CPC – Cost per Click

CPL – Cost per Lead

CPV – Cost per Video view

CPA – Cost per Acquisition

CPM – Cost per Impression

I think might be understood for which type a campaign which terms would be useful by seeing terms like impressions, “acquisitions”, video view, lead and click, etc. After knowing about the bidding strategies, you don’t have any doubt in mind like how to run a Google AdWords Campaign. 

I am personally referring you to purchase this below Google AdWords complete material by famous Google AdWords Professional and Researcher.

Manual CPC

By the term Manual only you can understand this strategy depends on it our self manually you have to manage the settings how much cost you’re ready for investing per ad click. That’s why this bid strategy is called Manual CPC, and this manual CPC is used with on experienced requirement already we know the competitor’s bid amount, and we are ready to campaign on fixed manual CPC. And Manual CPC you can total control on a campaign over bids with a focus on driving click traffic. AdWords will take care the ad group default bid first. for running a battle, you have to specified submission its manually at the keyword level select it manually set my bids for clicks.

Automatic CPC

In this bid strategy, advertisers may focus only on driving traffic to a website that is looking just to get website traffic from AdWords campaign. You can set a budget daily, and AdWords automatically adjusts your bids concentrate the only goal of getting most clicks for a budget of the campaign, with automatic bidding, AdWords does all the work to get most clicks.

Enhanced CPC

This Enhanced CPC bid strategy it depends on the advertiser how much traffic and conversions track on a campaign that much bid amount will deduct from your bidding account. If 30 percent of traffic conversions track comes then bidding, a process will do.


CPA Bidding

Abbreviations of CPA is a cost per acquisition it depends on your conversions how many you targeted conversions per a month. Suppose you are expecting 15 acquisition leads or conversions per month in a campaign for that campaign this bid strategy is useful. For this bid strategy, you have to fix an amount of bid per cost per acquisition. This campaign mostly works on recruiting resources and getting admissions of students for an academy.

After all getting information of bidding strategy, keyword strategies and campaign planning or requirements you may have confusion in mind how much amount we have to invest per day for the campaign. It depends on your campaign budget and your competitors.

There is not mandatory that in keyword planner you will get suggest bid per keyword you have to invest a bid amount that only.

It depends on your requirement budget how much your investment on a campaign you can invest per day INR 500 search ad network campaign or display ad network campaign and cost per click Ad (CPC) is INR 10 per click.

Your amount won’t deduct INR 10 only per click when someone clicks ad it depends on Bid Auction. How much your competitor is investing per click and how quality score you have for this Ad.

At last, I discussed and explained how to run Google AdWords Campaign and what is Google AdWords with Search Ad Network and Display Ad Network Campaigns. If any confusion or doubt after reading this you can raise your queries or discuss in below comment box.

Steps on Google AdWords to Setup Display Ad and Video Ad Campaigns

Steps on Google AdWords to Setup Display Ad and Video Ad Campaigns

AdWords  Setup for Display Ads, Gmail Ads, and Video Ads Campaigns

As you Know Initially steps to proceed with Billing and Payment, action to fill up with your account details and with payment transfer to your Google account.

As if this article concept on Campaign setup of Display Ad, Gmail Ads and Video Ads

Steps to setup for Display Ad Network Campaign

Just click on Campaign and create a new campaign type as Display Ad

Navigated to Display Network Drive Action page, Select which Drive Action your strategy for the campaign. Such as call to business, take action on a website, get business.

Create Campaign name and select a targeted location for your campaign.

Select the bid strategy for the campaign, such as maximum clicks, maximum conversions. Manual CPC, Automated CPC, etc. Depend on requirements you have to proceed with bid strategy. And Insert a Day per budget and Maximum CPC.

Click Save and Continue to proceed  on Display Ad Group

Navigate to Ad group page Fill up related fields such as Ad group name, landing page.  And Select most highly rank keywords which are suggested by Google from Display keywords option or else on a strategy based you can proceed with Interest and Remarketing. In that, you can select or continue with In-market audience category.

 You have to select an option based on requirement. Click Save to continue next

Create an Adoption  in this you can upload an image of particular dimensions along with all fields

Click Save and Continue Finish button.  This steps intro about Google AdWords Display Ad networks.

Steps to setup Gmail Ad Network Campaign

As usual in the same campaign just you need to create and Click Ad and Ad gallery from a drop-down list.

It Navigates to some other page where you will get select of 5 types of Ads such as Dynamic Ads, Lightbox ads, Video Ads, General Ads and Gmail Ad. Our campaign related to Gmail click on Gmail Ad.

Proceed with just Gmail Ad which is shown above the mailbox in mail list Other Ads related to your requirement, If you want to send with entirely content into bulk no of custom mail ids. Or else you can proceed with sidebar Gmail Ad.

Our Campaign target only for Gmail Subject Ad which is shown below in a video Clip Fill up the form in the related field, In Subject field write you campaign target on what, and Title and Description of your Ad with a logo of 200x200 and Banner Ad for your Campaign.

Then Click save and Continue your Ad. Your Ad will be Approve after you saved an ad. It may be a chance to disapprove if you made mistakes on sentence format in title, description etc.

Steps to setup AdWords Video Ad Network Campaign

On Campaign user interface area click Ad a video campaign as you know how you did for Display Ad network same as usual click on Video Ad Campaign.

Navigates to video search option select a video through which video you are going to run a video campaign.

Then it will ask for you Instream Ad, Video discovery Ad, and Bumper skip Ads. Depend on your requirement you can select an option.

Instream video means video Ad which is come before Video on YouTube without any Skip Adoption

Video discovery Ad implies strategy you will discover the ad on true view YouTube pages, you will going to show in Ad and to which targeted videos.

Bumper Ads means with skip Adoption this Adjust 6 sec of Video Clip in between the YouTube Video breaking points your Ad will appear.

And Remaining Bidding Strategy Cost per Video and Daily Budget on your Bid Strategy and Budget per limit you can run a campaign.

As previous campaigns for Display Ad network you such as daily budget INR 50/- and per video Ad INR 5/- by bid auction your views may increase. And may pictures can be converted. And remaining all the same  process as before campaign steps. you can able to see in video above.

4 Major Factors of Google AdWords – How to do Google AdWords

4 Major Factors of Google AdWords – How to do Google AdWords

Major Factors of Google AdWords

As you Know Google AdWords is an advertising tool to run a campaign, If you pay you will Ad will be visible on the internet, you know about the benefits of Google AdWords such as targeting to an audience, control your costs, measure your success, and manage your campaigns. Thus,  How to utilise this benefits of Google Ads? All may have a question on this issue. So, here below briefly explaining about  Major Factors of Google AdWords and How to do Google AdWords

Google advertising networks

Ads networks are classifieds into are of two types such as the Google Search Ad Network and Display Ad Network.

Search Ad network

includes Google search engine, and other partner websites like shopping sites, Mapping sites, to find the nearest location in google maps and hundreds of non-google search engine partner websites like AOL that AdWords ads matched to search results

It can help to advertisers show their text ads next to Google search results, and reach customers actively searching queries in search engine related to your business or products and services. For those users, your ads would be visible. Your ad can show on the top in search results when someone searches for terms related to one of your website keywords.

Display Ad network

includes a collection of Google websites like google finance, Gmail, Blogger, YouTube, partner sites and mobile sites and apps that show ads matched to the content on a given page.

It can help advertisers use display ad formats to reach a wide range of customers through display ads. Customers can easily attract to advertiser offer, and customers show interest in that ad. It can also help to build a brand awareness, customer loyalty and engagement and allows for specific. Choices depend on advertisers where an ad should visible on which partner sites or not, and to which type of audience to display our ad.

 You may be getting queries related to these questions

Where your Ads can appear?

Your ads can appear on search results and other search sites when your keywords are relevant to users search

Google search sites Ads can appear above or below search results for Google search. They can seem beside. Below, and above search results on google play, Google shopping, and Google maps, include map app.

Google search partners Ads might with search results on websites of Google search partners. For text ads, search partner includes much plenty of partner websites available on search network partners as well as google video and other search sites.

Product shopping ads can appear on search sites that display and link to products to sell. Click through rate (CTR) for ads on search partner sites does not impact Quality score on google.

How many types of search ads format in search network?

It is also important to think about the types of search ads with extensions and what are the different types of Ads can appear on search engine network. Those are as follows.

Text ads can be made up with a headline, a display URL that shows your website address and a description in-text ads.

Ad Extensions are extensions to your search ads, such as it shows  attracted your business services options like

  • Call to action
  • Local business address
  • Call out (some offered phrases)
  • Sitelinks (links from site)
  • Structured snippet (services provided)
  • Reviews
  • Price
  • Message

You can choose to show your ads to people as they browse the web, on the display network. Your ads can appear on specific websites or placements that you want or sites based on the targeting methods that you choose, such as keywords, placement, audiences and topics.  For more information, you can refer  Search Ad Network 


How many types of Display ads format in display network?

Google display network allows you to connect more peoples through the variety of display ads formats in global universe. Display network has plenty span of websites in display network 90% of the users may use a lot of interesting sites, shopping websites, millions of YouTube viewers in a world, and span of users will check emails daily. This many types of display networks you can reach to customers for your product.

Here a list of ad formats can use on display network.

  • Text Ads
  • Image Ads
  • Rich media ads
  • Video Ads

How it works

AdWords have to central systems search and display ad networks. Search network reached people when they were already searching for a specific keywords or phrases on search engine related your keyword strategy on your Ad campaign structure. Whereas display ad network help to your capture users activities on analytics tool and search engine console, if someone visits your shopping website and checking your reviews how quality brand your product. And you can target after a moment to that person by remarketing your ad campaign to that specific interested person who is checking your reviews and want to buy.

Find the right audience.

Google AdWords is designed to help all of the advertisers to find correct audiences across millions of websites. Its let you be strategic and put your message in front of a lot of interested customers at the right time and right place.

  • Reach users by keywords and topics
  • Select where your ads appear
  • Find users who are already interested in what you have to offer

For more information, you can refer Display Ad Network

How much you’re Quality for Ads?


 Understanding the Quality Score and Ad Rank

 Higher quality ads can lead to fewer prices and better ad positions in search engines. To give you a better understanding of how quality works on AdWords, we will go over the quality score and ad rank. The quality score reported in your account tells about the quality of your landing page content and structure triggered by that keyword auctions throughout the day. Ad Rank determines the order in which your ad displays up on the page. It is also known as ad position.

The components of a quality score expected through click-through rate (CTR) an ad relevance, landing page experience. Landing page experience means your landing page should with rich of content and indicating full of web page structure, must and should be related to your ad. Suppose you are running a campaign linked to form fill up for student registration course for generating leads, but you inserted a landing page related to Institute events. In this battle would not get any right clicks and conversions may be your ad in down position in search results. Each keyword gets a quality score on a scale from 1 is lowest and 10 is a highest score.

If more relevant your ads and landing pages are to the user, more likely to get a high-quality score and Ad rank position in search results. More benefit from a more top quality component of your Ads. Such as a more elevated ad position lesser cost per click (CPC). Maybe a chance to deduct amount CPC less in bidding auction, while your campaign will run.

For more information to visit More Quality of your Ads Strategies to learn


What you pay for running an AdWords Campaign

AdWords gives you control over on your advertising costs. And there is no minimum limit on an amount you need to pay for running ads on Google AdWords to spend money. Instead, you can set a daily budget on your satisfaction how much and when to when you are interested in running a campaign in search results.

Choosing a bidding strategy

Deciding how much you need to spend money means choosing how you would like to bid on bid auction. You are not only one on AdWords auction like you many more competitors same as your services. You need to decide the situation its depend on your budget limit and a return of investment, what your expecting and goals. Such as whether you want to get clicks, impressions, leads and conversions. Bidding strategies include cost per click (CPC), cost per thousand impressions (CPM), and cost per acquisition (CPA).


Setting a Budget

Your daily budget is the amount for a day you are willing to spend each day, for each ad campaign on your account. Even though it depends on how long your battle is visible and your actual costs may vary. It depends on competitors in auctions, how much they are bidding for related keywords and your quality score of your landing page. If it right highest scores scale from other competitors ads, your amount will be deducted lesser than what you mention the cost per click amount. No of days an average of a month, bidding auction would frequently be going, if any competitor may raise an amount higher than you and competitors landing page and ads are so relevance to keywords. Then your ad per click would be top than the previous day.

 How much you charged for Campaign

If your using CPC or CPM bidding, you will only be charged as usual what needed for your ad to appear in top position in search results than other competitors. If you’re using CPA bidding, the actual amount you will charge might exceed your specific bid. Because the amount it depends on factors out of the Google’s control. Such as changes to your website or ads may be increased competition for in ad auctions.

For more information about bidding strategy visit what you pay for Ads

What is SEM –  Top 4 Benefits of Google AdWords and Online Advertising

What is SEM – Top 4 Benefits of Google AdWords and Online Advertising

What is SEM?

SEM stands for Search Engine Marketing, SEM also one of the modules of Digital Marketing. Through Online Advertising in search engines. For every search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing etc. Doing Marketing through Online Advertising or Online Marketing in search engines tools is called search engine marketing.

Most of the people may be confusion arise in mind that, search engine optimisation will do something, yes, of course, you will get confused because in search engine list both search ads list and regular search engine list would be present. SEO is a long-term result and free organic method. Whereas SEM is an instant result, Search engine optimisation is organic search results, whereas search engine marketing is an Inorganic or Paid search results,

Here below screenshot image can clarify your confusion or doubts about SEO and SEM or differ from organic search results and paid search results.

Online Advertising Process


Content Creation: Content creation related to your business offers and services. Such as image content for display ads and Headline1, Headline2, Description and Ad extensions for Google AdWords. If your running ads in social media networks like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram. Depend on characters limit we need to create.

Media Planning: For every campaign to run, related to your business we need to plan or search for social media networks, for Facebook users we need to create a different strategy, for Twitter, and same as Instagram followers.

Media Buying: To run ads on digital marketing we need to buy space on different digital channels.

Benefits of Online Advertising

An Advertising can do through online marketing which is more flexible, cost-effective and more reachable than the other traditional marketing or offline marketing is called Online Advertising. Which can able to monitor your business analytics or insights? Whereas conventional marketing high cost, fixed time plan and not reachable. The main difference is just cannot able to control and manage your business, cannot able to check your business website data analytics or data management.

Online advertising can create in major three factors; we need to follow some steps such as to run online ads we need to occupy a space on the internet on rent by paying some amount and run a campaign when your campaign completes you can get a return on investment of that drive. Three significant steps we need to take care. Such as

Whereas through traditional marketing you cannot find your targeting audience, who is your interested in your products from which city, which demographic age or gender persons, he or she relates to which category. In sometimes you may get frustrated, after listening bad, irritating words from your customers when you’re selling your products in a stall, whatever how much amount you invested in promoting your ads, then also you can’t get any figure of your customer satisfaction. Whereas through Online advertising this many ads types we have and they can give you business analytics report to you, those are follows

Online advertising can run in different ways such as Search Ads, Banner /display Ads, Video Ads, Ads on Gmail, Ads on Yahoo mail, Social Media Ads and Native Ads.

Search Ads, Banner or Display Ads can be run through Google AdWords on targeted peoples, search partner websites, Mobile apps etc. Video Ads which visible on Video channels like YouTube,  Dailymotion etc.  Gmail and Yahoo mail Ads are visible on email user interface part at the top of our email list.

Native Ads which is something twisty which is visible in between the content of a website.

Social Media Ads will run and managed its own specific social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram etc.

What is Google AdWords

Google AdWords is one of the products of Google. Which is one of the paid online advertising tool, and one of the critical module of digital marketing? Google AdWords is Google’s paid online advertising model that uses a bidding system for your advertisement to appear at the top of the search engine results. When you advertise you tell to google what keywords or phrases you are interested. Google AdWords is a terminology or marketing tool in right time, right place and right audience advertising your product through online is called Google AdWords.

If you spend money to search engine then you coming up to the top of the search engine results, then your ads shown on search engines. If clicks happen then only your amount deducted from account threshold, that’s why this concept is called Pay per Click (PPC). When somebody searches for those Keywords, Google Displays relevant advertisements. If your banner displayed, if somebody clicks on that ad to bring them to your website then only you need to pay.

Benefits of Google AdWords

Online advertising allows you to show your ads to the people who are likely to be interested in your products and services. And you can able to track those people clicked or visit on your Ads. Online advertising also gives you the opportunity to reach potential customers as they use multiple devices – desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones.

Target your Ads

Targeting gives you the ability to shows your ads to reach people with specific interests- namely, people who are interested in our products and services- and show the relevant ads. Makes your Ad Word campaigns even more targeted by using keywords, ad location, age, location, language, days, times, frequency and devices.

Control your costs With AdWords when only you will pay, when someone clicks on your Ad.

Measure your success

In AdWords, you can measure every success of your AdWords campaign. If someone clicks your ad, you’ll know. If they clicked your ad then did something valuable to your business.  Purchased your product, downloaded your app, or planned in order, you can track that too.

By seeing which ads get clicks and which ones don’t,  you will also quickly understand where to invest in your campaign. That in turn, you can boost the return on your investment.

You can get other valuable data, like how much costs its taking on average for advertising, which leads to your customers, online purchases or phone calls. And you can also use analytics tools to learn about your customer’s shopping habits how long, for instance. They tend to research your product before they buy.

Manage your campaigns

AdWords also offers you tools to manage and monitor accounts easily.

If you manage multiple AdWords accounts, a My Client Centre (MCC) Manager account is a powerful tool that could save your valuable time. It lets you quickly view and manage all your AdWords accounts in a single location.

 You can also manage your AdWords account in offline mode with AdWords Editor, a free downloadable desktop application that allows you to quickly and conveniently make changes to your account. With AdWords editor, you can download the report or campaign information, and you can edit or can do modifications in structure. And you can upload it into AdWords account you can use it that modified AdWords information for your AdWords live campaign.