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Top 5 Classified Sites and Basics of Ads Posting on Classifieds

Top 5 Classified Sites

Today you can easily create a profile at one of the top classified sites for free. You can leverage the reach of these websites to sell your product/services. Instead of spending a significant amount of money on marketing, you can invest it in building a strong sales team. The free classified sites like Bedpage can help you get an excellent return on investment through their reach. However, these classified sites work well for you only if you post relevant and engaging ads on them.

Here are a few basics of posting ads on the top directory sites. Inculcating these basics into your posting techniques will ensure higher conversion in the shortest period.

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Classify Your Products Correctly

The most popular directory sites usually have a well-curated browsing interface. This browsing interface helps the sellers list their products correctly and the buyers look for them easily. By listing your products/services under the right categories, you have a higher chance of reaching the prospects who really wish to buy them. If you do not list your offer under the right categories, it will never pop-up on the search results of the classified sites.

Choose the Right Location for Target

Most people who list their products/services on the top classified sites host a local business. Their target audience belongs to a very specific state or city. If your audience belongs to a particular locality, you must list your products under the right demographic category. The popular free directory sites usually have an extensive library of states and countries for posting the ads.

When you list your ad under a particular demographic, people who can buy your products from that locality will see your listing first.

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Develop Engaging Ads

The quality of ads will determine the number and quality of leads that you get from the post. Since you are posting the ad on free classified sites, you can utilize that money in creating truly engaging ads for the audience. Hire a content developer and a graphic designer who can create visually appealing ads for the target prospects.

The engaging ads should ideally start with an informative approach and have a small CTA line to it.

Invest in Increasing the SEO-Friendliness of the Ads

The search algorithms of the top directory sites like bedpage are usually advanced enough to take SEO into account. A highly-qualified content developer will help you create attractive content for your audience while taking the SEO needs of the platform into account. You can easily find SEO specialists and content developers on freelancing websites at extremely affordable contract rates.

Post on Multiple Free Directory Sites

Ideally, you should utilize the full potential of the free marketing campaigns on the internet and post on multiple directory sites at a time. Posting on different free websites will consume little time but increase the reach of your ads exponentially.

Implement these basic tips into your posting experience to take it to a whole new level. Choose a reliable classified site to post your content and provide excellent customer experience.


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