Social bookmarking sites list 2018

Top 10 New Social Bookmarking Sites list for 2018 high PA DA

Social Bookmarking Sites List

Are you looking for top 10 social bookmarking sites which can be helpful to your website to generate high-quality organic traffic as well as high-quality backlinks?

Yes, sure I will discuss with you all about the importance of high quality social bookmarking sites. In a few days back an update we get to know as is now no more social bookmark submissions is working for SEO to generate organic traffic.

You might also be getting confused in mind if you are aware of the latest 2018 SEO updates, Google Algorithm says your website should have high-quality niche backlinks, high-quality submissions and high quality right informative content in your site what user want related to your keywords.

It does not mean that you just ignored social bookmarking submission for your website to generate organic traffic, without social bookmarking nothing you can able to make referral traffic to your site.


Actually, What is Social Bookmarking?

Social bookmarking is a universal centralising bookmarking of your website info classifies in different category social bookmark submissions. Where your website info details such as website Title, description, website link and if possible website image also should bookmark or listed with a unique identification of your submission title in bookmark site. Many online social bookmarking sites are available online, but those bookmark sites are not high quality based where you can get benefit from social bookmarking submissions.

Whenever you are selecting social bookmarking sites, you have to aware about SEO on page recommendations based such as Page Authority, Domain Authority and Spam Score then only its beneficial for you unless wasting of time by doing a bulk of low quality social bookmarking submissions.

Most of the people might get confused then what is social media channels or social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and many other social media sites. Those are globally networking from there you can attract an audience by getting one backlink you can get social media referral traffic.

Whereas through social bookmarking sites you can expect multiple high-quality backlinks chances to generate more organic referral traffic as well.

social bookmarking submission list

Benefits of Social Bookmarking

  • You can expect high-quality organic referral traffic to your website.
  • You can expect multiple high-quality backlinks for your website through high quality social bookmarking submission sites.
  • You can increase your Page Authority (PA) and Domain Authority (DA) of your website by generating quality backlinks and quality traffic.
  • Google bot may put your site in search engine results list in a top, when google bot crawling your website may be got high-quality backlinks on your website.
  • Because “high-quality backlinks” means a link which has most quality content, fully high-rank webpage with high PA and DA.

So, if you received those high-quality niche website links to your website then obviously Google may put your site in top search engine results list.

“ Google when only loves your website, When people love your website.”


Here, you can able to see Top 10 Social bookmarking submission sites with priority based.




Reddit is one of the high quality social bookmarking sites in 2018, and it is a platform where millions or billions of people are active in each every minute of 24×7 time duration in a life.  Moreover, users get awareness about news and updates in social bookmarking site. Indirectly our aim to generate high-quality traffic its better chance to get website visitors through this social bookmarking site.

You have to sign-up with your Gmail account by agreeing on terms and conditions of Reddit you have to post daily once then you can see the twist or Reddit how your website traffic will increase and ranking too.




Stumble upon is one of the high quality social bookmarking sites in 2018 where its discovers interest of users it is a kind of web search engine where it can recommend you find web content to users. Stumble upon features allows users to create and rates web pages, photos and videos of your websites which is related to people interest and category of your site and as per social bookmark terms and conditions policy.

You have to register with your Gmail id in Stumble upon and start stumbling on Stumble upon to bookmark your website.




Digg is one of the high quality social bookmarking sites in 2018 news, and it is an aggregator where you can find in front page lot of articles, which aims to store a lot of popular articles or stories related to any categories topics such as science, trending news or political issues and viral internet stories.

Digg is known to provide you most relevant as well as compelling article or textual, visual or virtual content to millions of users. So, if you are bookmarking your webpage to this site then here you can get an opportunity to drive millions of users to your site, and you can expect much organic traffic.




Scoop it is one of the high quality social bookmarking sites in 2018, and it is very popular or trendy in online, and most of you must be aware of it, it helps to build an online presence by publishing the excellent quality content of your website. Here you can easily share your content and print It and also the share on social media channels. Most of the people who want to make their webpage socially active also embed this scoop it on their website.




Delicious is one of the high quality social bookmarking sites in 2018 where you can build your networking of links, images and videos stores such as nothing but your local search engine. Delicious is mostly benefited to generate high-quality backlinks and organic traffic as well. Where users will visit distinctive social bookmark look for trendy news such as blogs, videos and images you have to register with your Gmail or Facebook id to stay updated in delicious.




Slashdot is one of the high quality social bookmarking sites in 2018 where you can able to store links, bookmarks, images, videos and files etc. It is considered of a massive number of audience to bookmark pictures, relationships, and videos and to read as well. Mostly you can high quality organic traffic from this bookmarking site.



News-vine (NBC News):

News-vine is also one of the high quality social bookmarking sites in 2018 was a popular journalism news website where user or journal can upload articles, blogs to read the trendy news. News vine mostly it is helpful for inbound brand marketing who want to generate incoming marketing traffic or leads they can frequently submit social bookmarking here. Users can create organic, high-quality traffic and backlinks as well.




Fark.com is one of the high quality social bookmarking sites in 2018 but it is not a weblog but it is a news aggregator, and it is an edited social networking site. Every day fark receives multiple no of posts links or news submissions for reading or visiting new updates. Moreover, it is one type of showcase of all trendy links, images and videos of a website.




Folkd is one of the high quality social bookmarking sites in 2018. It is a social site consisting of favourite links, social bookmarking and social search. You can quickly reach out to quality people where you can be engaged your audience. Moreover, if you know to optimise your ranking position efficiently when you know secrets of seo marketing. You can also search for the excellent links, videos and much more.




Bizsugar is also one of the high quality social bookmarking sites in 2018 where you deliver the content that small business startups, managers and entrepreneurs care about all.

You can share your business blogging posts. Video clips, and other content so that others can learn quickly from you quickly.

You discovered what others shared, and you can make networking connections with others business people and stay informed.


Here, I discussed above all the high quality social bookmarking sites in 2018 with details of SBM links for your website like Reddit.com, Delicious, Digg, Slashdot, Scoop.it, Fark.com, Folkd.com, and Bizsugar etc.


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