Submit URL | History of Why we do directory submission in SEO?

Submit URL | History of Why we do directory submission in SEO?

Submit URL and Why we do directory submission in SEO

Do you want to know about submit url and history of why we do directory submission in SEO?

Yes, I will let you know the reason behind why most of the SEO professionals worried to make high-quality directory submissions in SEO,

First of all, I want to justify or elaborate your question which is going on your mind.

Let me discuss with you about SEO concepts such as how search engine optimisation process will work and what are the factors of SEO and why do we do directory submissions, so priority based.

As you know SEO stands for search engine optimisation to optimize your website in a search engine will do SEO process, SEO gives you organic search results.

You might be thinking about why we have to submit URL, and why we do directory submissions already, we have many auto-generated tools for SEO in online.

Why we can’t prefer and go with automated tools for generating organic traffic instead of worrying about directory submissions sites.

Let you know the basic techniques of SEO

In SEO you have option three types of techniques such as white hat SEO, black hat SEO and grey hat SEO.

White hat SEO which is SEO’s professionals will follow and implement the google algorithm terms and conditions based to optimise a website.

Blackhat SEO which is most of hacker’s or blacklisted companies will follow this technique to optimise a website in a couple of days by stealing competitor’s data, focused keywords, putting hidden content and other stuff

To utilise the benefits later once Google crawler may crawl your website in next day your website claim down the complete site from the index from a search engine.

Grey hat SEO techniques which are most of the companies’ people will follow and buy a software an “automated traffic generator” and backlinks generator and get the fake traffic and purely bad backlinks which does not work lifelong.

Google when will penalise your website even you don’t know when Google crawler may crawl your site and when it will put your website on last search results page.

Because automated tools may not give you good quality traffic or backlinks and even you can expect any customers got engaged with your website content also.

If you’re looking for about the history of directory submissions means you have to understand the basic concepts of search engine optimisation because directory submission is one of the factors of SEO off page optimisation process.

After implementing an SEO on page recommendations to your website and after doing quality keyword research and competitor analysis of your site.

Now, its time to go with SEO off page optimisation process here directory submission is a very crucial fact of off page optimisation.

If you want I can say in your question to answer in two lines only a few minutes from above in first lines of this blog. But I want to explore this concept for your better understanding once you will get to know the main reason behind you can quickly optimise your website with plenty of backlinks and organic traffic also.

Here you can go through the reason of submitting URL and history of why we do directory submission in seo.

I know you might have some questions in your mind such as

What is Submit URL?

What is directory submission?

What are Backlinks and how will get backlinks?

What is Traffic and how you will get traffic?

What is Indexing and how will index our website into a search engine?

How can we get rank on the first page for website keywords?

In this article, I am going to answer your questions which you’re getting in mind which I mentioned above regarding directory submission sites and submit URL

Actually, What is Submit URL?

By the term submit only says submitting your website URL for links which or which type of relations you have to take care and be cautious while offering your site.

Because present Google Algorithm says thousand plenty of low-quality backlinks is equal to few high quality “niche backlinks”.

By submit URL doing your website may be getting “indexing” in many search engines, submit URL another name is search engine submissions. In olden days by the term search engine submissions, people use to make presentations to get indexing website in search engines.

First of all, collect the high quality submit URL or search engine submission list from third party blogs are listed in seo professional blogs.

High-quality submission sites mean a site which has PA (page authority) and Domain Authority (DA) at least above 60/100 both PA and DA  and Spam Score should be the least value -/17 then only that website link applies to your website.

This PA and DA it does not belong to Google because when a few years back people used to refer only Page Rank of directory site, social bookmark site or other sites.

But now PA and DA most of the professionals are referring because of its most priority to useful to optimising a site in search engines, though these PA and DA released by “SEO Moz team”.

Because, Initially every website both PA and DA are 1/100 so must, and you should submit your website to priority based submission sites. For every submission like directory submissions, social bookmarks submission, article submissions, guest blog submissions, forum posting and Classified Ads or business listing etc. then the only crawler may recognise your from high priority links and may pull up your website in single digit number.

And you can check the website status such as spam score, PA and DA whether this link is useful to us or not in “open-site-explorer” free tool by MOZ team and even extension “ Moz Bar” in chrome its available.

And “ Statshow” free tool its helpful to find the status of a backlink whether the link is useful to us are not and if you want to publish a guest blog that link also you can check it here.

I think by this you will get critical, critical points while doing off page optimisation you have to take care what main limitation and which is valuable.

What is Directory Submissions and How to do directory Submissions?

It is is the crucial central fact of off page SEO through which you can generate backlinks which is valuable, and now you won’t get confused why we do directory submissions in SEO.

Directory submission process is a nothing, but it is a kind of one world extensive internet directories are present which based on website niche category on that category our website should be linked information. So approving our website link then we live to give us a link to our site those links are called backlinks. As sample as for generating backlinks to your website, you do this main reason.

Such as like telephonic directory collection of landline numbers how present in an alphabetic format as simple as that Directory submission also collection a niche category website links present.

Whoever wants to reach your related business, so he or she may go with category selection based to insert a link or listing info about the company.

A Directory Title which is nothing your keyword for which expecting results to display on a search engine and Description means which our detailed webpage description for which web page you are expecting to get listed on search engine first page whenever will search  which means keyword ranking and it should display in single digit position.

You might be doubt in mind, Backlinks we can generate through Quora, Hubs pot and other inbound marketing tools.

Yes, you can generate backlinks that way also even Quora and Hub-spot links so valuable to your website because that website in highly PA and DA quality based. But you should answer the question related to your webpage niche topic for which page you need backlinks.

How to do directory submissions?

Directory submissions are of three types of presentation such as regular link, reciprocal link and instant link

And it is the one of the significant fact reason for your looking for why we do directory submissions in SEO, and while you doing directory submissions you no need to be confused because for approving a  free regular link it depends on how quality that directory link.

And Most of the executives will submit on a reciprocal link and even if they will go with an instant link option also.

But both are a wrong way of approach reciprocal and instant link because as you know, SEO is a free organic search engine optimisation process.

So, you have to prefer  Free Regular link because of backlinks when only that directory admin given to you when you should have quality content and high PA and DA. And fully SEO on page recommendations based on your website. Then only you can able to generate backlinks to your website through directory submissions, article submissions or else guest blogs.

And sometimes Reciprocal links are preferable when that website is freely available and that niche website link already known to us in this link submission issue. Here if you ask him or her relationship and then you should mention her link in reciprocal link option, and you to have to give your link to that website.

As you can expect traffic from directory submissions?

Yes, you can expect organic traffic, website informative ad and backlinks even.

Whenever you’re making directory submission on specific directory site, it depends upon the quality of directory site for approving your website information in their directory site.

You can generate traffic as well backlinks in multi ways through forum discussions, article submissions, guest blogs, business listing, social bookmarks and directories,

In Submissions links, you may be seen while submitting your website info and list of directories and bookmarks available “no follow” and “do follow

Don’t select or choose “no follow” site link for Submit URL, directory submissions or else bookmark submissions. Select only “Dofollow” which is a benefit to your website.

By the term no follow only says that site won’t follow you and do follow means which allows their website link to monitor others actively.

Here, I discussed with you above on issue of Submit URL and why we do directory submission in SEO but we have many sources to generate backlinks directory submission is one of the way or fact of off page optimisation in SEO. If anyone has a query or get confused on directory submission please raised your question in below comment box I will follow up and discuss here.

8 Steps of SEO factors of On-page Optimization and Off-page Optimization

8 Steps of SEO factors of On-page Optimization and Off-page Optimization

SEO factors of On-page and Off-page Optimization.

For every SEO process when the website audit report prepared. Now its develop the foundation of a website which is nothing but the backbone of SEO process.  Search engine optimization is two types of optimization techniques those are On-page Optimization, and Off-page Optimization both have its factors. Few of them I am trying to discuss below as follows

On-page Optimization

For every business, if your plan to open a website and need to get to a top position in search engines, so if any user will search a query or phrase or keyword in search engine related to your website category. The first position link your website snippet result should be visible in a SERP results list. To get in a first position, we need to follow some SEO factors both on-page and off-page optimization.

An on-page optimization factor which is on your website some unique front-end scripting code tags, which is Google friendly language.which is in HTML/CSS Tags and scripting language format such as these many factors are as follows.

Initially, most of the peoples are used to creates a domain by adding a focus keyword on the field so they can quickly optimize very well in search engines. But nowadays those strategies are not working; Google would not be indexed those kinds of domains in search engines as per present google algorithm point of view.

2018 SEO demand both on-page and off-page Optimization


A myth of aging domain: Google Engineer Matt Cutts updates Google Algorithm has put domain age insignificant no more long life for domains who use keywords in the domain. And about Quality links and Quality meaningful content should be in your website from link-building, no more low-quality backlinks would be preferable for your ranking process.


URL Include the Focus Keyword in an area (Except in homepage)

Meta Title (Page Titles): Meta titles are one of the most critical factors in your website. Each of your page and blog posts contains a unique title.Let us discuss an example for this you to be more understanding. Let us assume you created a  blog post ”  Brownie Chocolate Cake, ”  and you got keywords like a best browny chocolate cake and brownie chocolate cake for girls, which is most of the searches keyword and high volume based, then you may get a chance to get top position in search engines.

  • 60 characters limits.
  • Keep it in meta Title Tag.
  • Starting with Focus keyword. At the beginning of the meta title.
  • Keep the brand name at the end.
  • Make it completing enough in one click

Meta Description

Many people forget to write the meta description on their website. But it is such an essential factor that meta description should present in our blog post. Meta description can create in a sentence format by taking the highest volume keywords and low ” keyword efficiency index ” keyword.  If a user searches a keyword in a search engine like chocolate cake after that may be able to get your website visited by that person. Because which keyword was searching by users those focus keywords are present already in your blog post content.

  • The Meta description should be like a summary in a two sentence format.
  • Keep it 300 characters limits.
  • Keep it in meta description Tag.
  • Starting with Focus keyword. At the beginning of the meta description
  • keep its brand name at the end of Tag
  • Keep it compelling.

Rich Page Content:

Content is like a  king of digital marketing in the 2017 year, the algorithm asking from a website a  quality content. Google not looking for a quantity content, such as before 2011 people used to write material for an article on keyword density point of view. Wherein which article content right quantity of  Focus keyword density that website page may get top position in search engine results, because before Google may not be sharp and active how much in present year algorithm says about google bot. A bot or spider which is so dangerous for scanning your website content if a crawler will see any repeated keywords or duplicate copyrighted material simply Google 

  • Include Focus Keyword and Other Keywords
  • Each page should have at least 300 words of content
  • Keep the Keyword Prominently for about 2-5% of words (Keep it bold, Italics)  
  • Use Synonyms and Related Words Instead of Repeating the Focus Keyword Too Many Times (Hummingbird)  Distribute keywords evenly across the content
  • Distribute keywords consistently across the web page content

Image Optimization:

An image also a significant fact of On-page Optimization it will help you in a better to get ranking in search engines through image search results. While uploading your images to your website web pages with valuable quality content for website blog, remembered that for every picture while uploading uploader window may ask you for you Image title, Image Alt text, and Image description that fields should be filled up with focus keyword and image description. A website image may optimize for search engines.

Linking (Internal Link and External Link): 

People often think that the links counts of other websites that only crucial to our website, while seven years back algorithm may give before external links more whatever the quality links those are if we got the external link then could be a great success for us. But now present Google algorithm changed. This algorithm wants only from high-quality niche links then just google crawler may taking our website pages to indexed in search engine results. To high ranking in search engines.

Internal links: provide links to all relevant inner pages.

External links: provide links to all external websites. (open in a new window)

Two Different Types of Links: Do Follow and No Follow  If a relationship specified as no follow (by defining rel=nofollow in the anchor tag), users can see that as a link but it will blind for the search engines. It means no authority will follow from current website to the linked site.

Video Optimization: Most of the people will won’t concentrate on our videos to embed to the website, they thought its a waste of memory storage on the site. But the video also first fact of SEO to get good position high rank for our website through videos. A small video clip is enough to embed just a 2 min of video which tells the explanation of our primary keyword description. With this, your website may engage with video viewers, who habituated for watching videos and understanding through videos. Embed a video from youtube to a website provide a short description relevant to your primary keywords.

Off-page Optimization Factors

As per Google Algorithm Updates, MarkBrain not well off page submissions required when previously most of the SEO executive guys are did for optimizing and to get good ranking results for a site. They used to concentrate on presentations whether they are quality or qualityless, but now present algorithm changed if crawler would find any website with won’t have quality backlinks and quality content on your site. The crawler would not allow your website to be indexed and to ranked in search engines.

Off-Page optimization is a process making submissions into outside website directories or links. Exploring your website content or promoting your website content  into social media profiles, local business profiles, niche directories, social bookmarks, famous bloggers, guest blogging, niche article submissions, forum discussions, niche blog commenting, photo sharing, content marketing, and video marketing

Social media profiles

 Social media profile is more significant than ever these days! Sometimes known as ” online reputation management ” Getting involved in a social media fundamental step which you begin to advertise, market and building your online reputation within your niche.

Just you need to register in top social media profiles like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+, etc. And create patterns your own. Allows to you to extend your contacts connects with a lot of peoples with whom can share your website content and get famous, get website traffic from social media profiles.


Blogging is one of the best ways to promote your website content by writing a blog for your website. You give a reason for visitors to keep returning to your site and keep up to date with your latest posts. It also helps to search engines to crawl your site frequently.  Which ultimately especially higher on search engine results in pages (SERPs).

Blog Marketing: 

Post comments on other blogs within in the niche as yours. .These relationships can be crawled by search engines. Helping to point them to your site. These blogs are commonly referring on ” Do-follow Blogs .”

Forum Marketing:

Find forums related to your sites niche and get involved within that community. Reply to threads, answer the questions, suggested them your advice, etc. All helps to build up your reputation as someone who is an expert in your niche. Try to use Do-follow forums so that you can include a link to your site within your signature.

Niche Directory Submissions: 

Many people say that directory submission is dead! But is the way of likely hood of people seeing your website. It is purely based on how efficiently selecting those directories and how efficiently choosing a category for submission. Especially on niche directories a quality link submission.

Social Bookmarking:

Social bookmarking is also a major factor for promoting your website. Submit your latest blog posts or pages to the most popular social bookmarks like StumbleUpon, Delicious, RadeIt, Digg, etc. search engines is really like this type of sites because of the content on those sites updates frequently.

Photo Sharing: 

If your images can share with social photo sharing sites like Pinterest, and Instagram, etc.  along with your related blog post links, so peoples from Pinterest and Instagram follow up your website.

Video Sharing: 

Video sharing on some external outside video channel sources to get good backlinks. Like YouTube, and Vimeo, etc. Many more video channel websites are available along with your video Title and description with links. If the users from YouTube and Vimeo may attract your videos and they may visit your site. Through this, you can get good traffic for your website.  More priority on YouTube because YouTube is a Google product and it is 3rd position in Global Rank.

Local Business profiles: 

Depend on your sites niche. Local listing directories are available in search engines. Then why you concentrate most priority to global listing directories, local business listing it would be beneficial to you, if you create a local business profile, let us example a team has confused or stuck in traffic or heavy rainfall to reach some other “restaurant”  to visit to have a weekend party. If they google it to the nearest restaurant, you may be nearer to them, through this you may be getting a business and ratings for excellent services.

Article Submissions:

If you write an article for your website, then you can submit them to popular article directory sites like. E-zine, Go Articles,  Now Public etc.  this can help drive traffic to your site.

Answer Questions

You can participate in answering questions on sites like yahoo answers and “Quora”  etc., By solving most of the problems related to your niche. You help to build up your reputation as someone as that is an expert in your chosen field. You can also place a link to your website in the source section. If necessary so that people can easily find your site. If you put a link repeatedly on your content, it goes in spam. This is another way to get your website most popularity.

Site level optimization :

  • Reduce the load time: Implement Gzip
  • Check for the missing pages, And all the missing or correct the links, make sure each link would work properly.
  • Create custom 404 page with necessary information it should return proper response “ 404-page error not found “ for HTTP request.
  • Create and Add Robot-txt and upload to the root.
  • Create and Add XML sitemap of a website and upload to the root. XML is an extensible markup language with internet understanding language.
  • Create and verify Google Webmaster account & Bing Webmaster account
  • Keep Google analytics tracking code on all pages.
  • Resolve duplicate contents issues with canonical, no index, no directions.
  • Redirect Important pages if they are not working.
  • Check and validate the function of your website. Whether each page of your site is working correctly or not. If not then fixed its errors.
  • Identify the critical element actions on the website and set up a Google Analytics goal for your targets and better tracking perspective.