How to Write a Content for Website | Content Management System

How to Write a Content for Website | Content Management System

How to write content for a website

Writing content for a website is a more crucial and essential task for your site because through your website only your customers or clients may get attracted or get trust on your innovative designing and content management system. Without knowing “fundamentals of a content management system and most of the professionals are worried about how to write content for website and its content management system.

Why you are getting confused when your digital marketer friend is here to help you to build your content strategy after that you readily know how to write content for a website and how to manage also.

Most of the professionals when developing a website what will do they will grow and design a website as per our management and client interest point of view. They don’t think about whether this website theme correct or not whether this website content placed correctly incorrect page or not. And what are the content ’s type we should insert either video content on which web page either image content adequately fixed memory size or not? And which developed a website as per targeted customer point of view correct or not.

And many more limitations most of the professionals faced after developing a website when they put on live that website if they did not have any business leads through a site.

In this article, you successfully get all answers to my questions for you to think about before sitting down developing any website for your business about how to create content for website and content management system.

  • Are you able to develop your website on targeted audience point of view or not?
  • Who is your targeted audience?
  • Either targeted audience will successfully get full information in your website or not?
  • Your website maintains quality content and follow niche website or not?
  • Either your website have Contextual content or not?
  • Your website built on content recommendations and seo recommendations?

Yes, of course, why not after knowing about these questions easily you can to know about the solution of this article how to create content for website and content management system and quickly you can build your content strategy.

A website is your “spokesman” of your business in online through digital marketing channels your voice explored by your site only. How bright and quality content you designed your website that much benefited from your business in some situations your innovative, creative designed website just call to action works for your company.

Identifying or Targeting your Audience:

The primary objective of how to write content for a website and content management system for your business website to attract your targeted customers to whom you need to attend on your site by your innovative ideas on the website.

However, all are your website viewers from all over worldwide, but it’s not mandatory that your only customers for your business.

To reach targeted customers, you should explore your business in a different content format which is nothing but thinks like a point of view.

Such as just now I got one of innovative product “ Paani Lao- Your Water Friend “ online drinking water delivery app business then you have to handle supplier and demand also both in your business model.  You’re a middle mediator app demand is your audience who will place an order  20 litters water bottle for regular order or else customer will book bulk orders to nearest water supplier or water driver and driver will confirm the order and delivery boy will deliver water bottles at customer doorstep. This app built with “geotagging”  “geospatial” terminology to find you or navigate you nearest water supplier to place an order for instant drinking water delivery.

For this concept you should target your audience in their point of view like through video demonstration or else through photographic images then the only customer can understand or attract to your business to purchase it.

You should think about this questions in mind whenever you’re targeting your audience

  • Who are your targeted customers?
  • Why are customers on your website?
  • What are the typical questions customers can ask?
  • What are your customers demand?
  • Which languages your targeted customers can understand?
  • Which demands your customers wants to meet?

Content Strategy and Recommendations:

As you know Content strategy also is one of the primary objectives to know about how to write content for website and content management system. Content is a king at present algorithm says if your site has quality content on your website then only your website will bring you great business with your content.

I know most of the people like you think about why the need to maintain a high-quality content on your website.

High-quality content is nothing like that you keep massive content at least content should be contextual at least 300 words per each webpage of a website.

The web page also has some format if you’re in home page you should design your user interface in this format after knowing this you can understand such as “ how to prepare a content strategy “ for your website

  • First, put your business demo slides in a cover photo
  • Then why you are here.
  • Put your 1 or 2-minute demo video.
  • Then tell your business process model.
  • Then put your blogs container in last but one container.
  • In the last container, you can put your contact us or join us form.

Suppose your raising any questions or explaining some essential concepts then clarify in bullet styles or else in points format. So, an audience can easily understand what you’re trying to say quickly.

At last, maintain your brand image on your website for every model if your attracting your audience through social media channels also then keep your brand logo on your pictures for brand awareness in an audience. For that have a look to know about “ how to grow your audience through social media marketing.

I know most of the business persons like you think about why should maintain video, images and other media. These things will keep your website colorful and these media items only help to reach your target customers.


SEO Best Practices Implementation: 

As you know SEO is the most crucial primary objective of how to write content for website and content management system. Why because if you won’t concentrate SEO while writing content or preparing material for a site. Then you will get many problems to optimize for a website.

Why because SEO is only the way to bring business through online without any investment money through a search engine. Actually to know about SEO you have to go through with what is SEO, Search engine optimization process and what are its facts.

Most of the business persons what will do they won’t implement any “SEO on page recommendations any facts they are just looking forward to being optimized your website in search engine.

Google when only loves your website when a people love your site. Google wouldn’t take action if you worried about Google keep on working.

If audience attracts your website and is engaged on your website, in every business process influencer has on social media site. If by coincidence once or twice your business influencer may inspire with your content and share in his or her social media channels pages.

So, you can quickly get engaged your website and google bot may get alert and google but maybe pull up your site position in search engines quickly.

And many of businesspeople without know any “SEO criteria” and terms and conditions they will launch single page website because single page website is a new technology because of most of the software companies using this single page website so why we can’t think many persons.

With single page website, we can’t track the analytics how many goals happened in particular though by multiple pages we can easily understand the page flow or user flow language. User what he or she needs from our website, etc.  but through a single page, we can’t, though we can optimize a single page website by maintaining a separate focused keyword in each container section of the site.

To know about these SEO recommendations and best practices have a look “minor seo best practices for a website.

Overall Website Review and Recommendations:

And it’s finally the last but one objective how to write content for website and content management system for a site. It is an essential objective while you’re writing material for a website and when you’re ready to publish your post in online.

When you’re getting ready to publish your blog post in online these significant facts, you have to make a check as follows,

Either your content is on target audience point of view or not?

Whether your content is maintaining quality easy, understand the material in your post or not?

Whether your blog post follows seo on page recommendations or not?

Whether your blog post is attracting your audience with emotions or not?

And your blog post free from “Grammarly and Paralogism“ or not?

Because most of the website in search engines when only permanently in position then your website content should follow all the terms and conditions of Google Algorithm else your site get penalized if you develop any black hat techniques such as putting competitors keywords, descriptions, and titles and images even in your website content. With that, your site gets penalized at last suppose your competitor may claim your website content.

Here, I explained every main objective of how to write content for website and content management system for a site such as identifying your targeted audience, content recommendations, seo implementations and overview of a website which is an important fact. And If you have any query or confusion in mind regarding this concept, please raise your doubt in below comment box I will follow up your discussions.

Top 4 Content Marketing Best Practices 2017 Demand in 2018

Top 4 Content Marketing Best Practices 2017 Demand in 2018

Content Marketing Best Practices 2017

Actually what is content, Content is data which will give us a meaning full information and marketing you already know very well to reach a particular audience or user for related content we would apply some techniques those techniques or strategies are called marketing. As you see in previous articles, I discussed the content marketing strategy without copywriter and how to write a quality content. Now, I am going to talk with you people about content marketing best practices 2017 which will be most useful to grow your business in 2018.

Writing content after researching on a related topic as comparing with competitors links which would be not benefited forever in search engines list and to an audience.

Let us Assume, and You have written full lengthy quality content now you’re in the first page after few days other competitors will review your article, and they apply more extra strategies in their website, then dam sure your website position will decrease because that competitor is a quality content.

Content marketing main aspects are to write a quality content along with that should give more organic traffic. You should concentrate while writing your content.

“Either write something worth reading about or do something worth writing about “


In this article, you will get to know about the content marketing best practices 2017 which uses by most of the copywriters, content marketers and bloggers etc. which will be most useful to grow your business in 2018.

I think you may question in your mind such as

  • Will your article get organic traffic?
  • Will your article able to reach your targeted audience?
  • Will your article be eligible for quality content to generate backlinks?

Yes, apparently you can get all those for your article just you need to be aware of what is going on behind on internet.

Before discussing the content strategy, content promotion and success of content marketing I would like to talk about some exciting topic about content research.

  • How to get good ideas on your blog?
  • How to take decisions which keyword is best for your blog?
  • Either our blog get traffic or not?

Before you are writing an article start make preparation you have to know about content marketing which is the best way to get quickly organic traffic for your blog, which is the best keyword for your blog and many research strategies you need to know before writing content for the article.

Content Research Strategies

Content Research is one of the content marketing best practices 2017 which is so helpful to you to grow your business in 2018 if you know the central concept of organic traffic which is manually and permanently reserved result pattern in search engines.

If you know about how to get organic traffic for your blog by writing contextual content, targeted keywords and quality content for your blog.

I do like the concept of  optimising content for search engines along withSEO on-page recommendations.” It gives you the wrong idea about the process: as if you are planning to write content for fashion and fitness and then, constrainedly, optimise it for bots.

Many copywriters do so. But instead, these days you would better keep the requirements of SEO in mind before and while you write your piece of content. It doesn’t mean you should write and prepare your content machinelike – it is all about understanding how your articles are in vocabulary and proper structural format can influence your rankings.

I am going to talk about four aspects a writer should consider in 2018 to write a meaningful piece of content that will also help you to attract an audience and generate more valuable organic traffic or organic search results.

  • Research on Topic

  • Term Frequency-Inverse Document Frequency

Researching on Topics

You should research your topic before writing your article the topmost in search engines such as you might observe many of the similarity which as shown below in screenshots.

As you know about for writing content, you need to know about blog title and which is the best keyword for your blog. For that you have to know about  “keyword research process”  then you have to select user catchy blog title I suggest you prefer with  “ SEO processor –Blog title Generator “ because it helps you to get an excellent catchy title which is most trendy on the internet nowadays.

Because a Hummingbird Algorithm based on “Semantic Approach” only which can give logical results which can see screenshots. Hummingbird is paying more attention to each one of the words of your query ensure that the whole question – whole sentence of conversation meaning understand by the google crawler and gives the search engine results from link page based on your query

Quick SEO tip for your blog:

To get correct trendy targeted keyword which explores your autocomplete suggestions. These tips are probably the most exhaustive sources of real people’s questions, pains, and problems. You can use many of them as ready ideas for your articles.


You can learn by Competitors’ Best Practices

Take a closer look at those who are successful in your niche. What makes them dominate the minds and the SERPs? Sometimes, these similarities can identify at a glance, like with the query “best city bike”:

  • Lists and guides rule the SERPs

  • Adding a year to a title helps

Also, we can quickly identify semantically related words that Google considers identical to your target keywords – “best city bike,” “best urban bike” and “best commuter bike”.

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Collecting these data which could manually take a lot of time. Some tools scrape, organise and sort related words and Google suggestions: check them out in the “Tools to Use” section at the bottom.

Term Frequency and Inverse Document frequency:

As you know about the content marketing best practices 2017  term frequency (TF) and inverse document frequency (IDF) which is also an essential factor of content marketing best practices to get organic traffic from the search engine for your blog because of Google algorithm approach by a semantic process for your website.

A word term frequency only says about a term certain level score you should maintain in your blog, related to your niche of your blog, as shown in below screenshot.

At least you have to cover your primary target keyword at 5% of to your total number of words in your document. Then only your blog semantic approach may give you good results patterns of organic traffic.

“Content builds relationships, Relationships are built on trust. Trust derives revenue.”

Content Strategy Checklist

Know your Audience

Most of the successful companies understand their customers, and the best marketers understand their audience. Knowing your audience includes knowing what they care about what their interests and motivators are, and what their pain points are and how to address any of these items efficiently using your content marketing best practices 2017 your audience prefers to consume in the venues or channels in which they drink it. Having an in-depth understanding or knowledge about your audience will help you create engaging, relevant content that will turn your audience – old and new – into loyal customers and brand enthusiasts.

Determine the type of content

One of the best content marketing best practices 2017 strategy decisions comes down to the question of the quick hit versus of long tail, most online content fails in two categories news content and evergreen content. News content lives and dies on your copywriter’s ability to generate timely perspectives on news stories and get their content picked by Google before other online publishers. News content creates immediate traffic to your site. The evergreen material, on the other hand, is always fresh and provides information that readers seek regardless of its timeliness. Hence, the time evergreen content takes longer to generate significant traffic but will continue to draw visitors over time.

Define and Own your keywords

One critical element of defining your audience in an evergreen program is knowing what keywords and keyword phrases are currently driving search traffic to your website. It is one of the content marketing best practices of 2017 which helps to define your site keywords. Learning how your customers and prospects search for your business in the first step while developing a keyword set that will power a successful content marketing program. If you don’t have web analytics report package then integrated it into your website. Work with your web team to install and industry standard solution like google analytics. Web analytics provide you with a wealth of information on your current audience’s search habits, which you can leverage to inform your content strategy.

Calibrate your brand voice

Once you have defined your audience and the search terms they are using to find your content, consider how you want to speak to your readers. Chances are all your organisation has a clear brand voice. But it is important to ask that it fits your content marketing best practices 2017 strategy. Experiment with your view to find the right balance of your content to make sure it aligns with the collective personality of your audience.

Establish an Editorial Calendar

If you do choose to create an evergreen content, you should consider creating an editorial calendar as part of your content strategy. If your content and objectives are seasonal or if you want to align content to the timing of your business and product strategy and an editorial calendar is a great way to plan your content not to just to tomorrow or next week, but also for a future quarter and or else next year.

Allocate The Resources

Finally remember that a good strategy which is nothing but without a solid team to execute in one day to day tactics of content creation, editing, fact-checking SEO, and any other steps for your content requires before its go for life. If you know about the content marketing best practices 2017, you can grab your competitor and grow business in the upcoming year 2018. Once you know how much you content you need to create and how much will go for into editing and refine each piece of material, build a hiring plan for copywriters and editors that can scale your content production goals.

Content Promotion

If you prepare content or an article for your blog, then it must and should get the traffic and audience for your article then audience may get attracted with your article, and they might be a customer of a client for your business. This content promotion is one of the primary content marketing best practices 2017 which will help and use to grow your business in 2018. Without content promotion or targeting to correct audience or correct location is nothing but without water in the earth.

As you know nowadays many peoples are aware of the “social media channels”, so we can promote our content, and we can target our audience easily if you know about “ why social media channel so important”. And get to know about the “ best practices 2017 of Social media marketing” then you can understand easily below mention strategies for promotion.

So, let me discuss with you about content promotion best practices how to promote your content, how to reach your audience in normal words.

Influencer Outreach

Typically Initially people targeted are influential in their industry and aren’t necessarily journalists or editors. Influences can be bloggers or people that amass large social followings around their industry expertise. The result of outreach can lead to something as simple as social share, a direct or indirect endorsement in a blog, a full-on collaboration with a project or campaign.

Submit to like Minded Communities

Submit your articles to communities in your niche look for sites and directories your niche or industry as you’ll already sharing with an interested audience. Find what works best for you and stay actively engaged on that site.

Share it on Social Networks

Be sure your new content to share on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn, with Facebook, be sure to post the update on Facebook itself vs a third party app for higher engagement opportunity. If an image or video included in your content, you can add it to your Pinterest boards as well. And don’t forget about social bookmarking networks, from general ones like Stumble-Upon to niche specific one like Biz-Sugar.


Share it with Groups on LinkedIn

Go the extra mile by sharing your content in groups once you’re posted or updated in your LinkedIn profile. You can click the share link and share it. Then you can share the same update with any groups you belong. It can quickly take your content from just being seen by your network to being seen by hundreds and maybe thousands of extra people.  Just make sure the groups you share it with are open to members sharing your content.

Send your content to your mailing subscribed list

Speaking of inboxes don’t forget your accepted mailing list, Customers will appreciate receiving emails are not always about sales but merely sharing valuable content.

Create a Press Release

If you have an outstanding piece of content to promote, create a press release on quality sites “Market-wire”, and “PR-Web” are pretty good. They’re excellent sites, but they do a sound job for your promotion.

Measure the Success of Content Marketing

If you are promoting your content in social media channels or you’re getting traffic through organic search results. For that, you must and should now the analytics, insights or metrics of content marketing. How many audiences are interested with your content, no of impression’s, engagement of your content, no of conversions happened, sharing metrics, lead generation metrics and from a different source of channels how many audience are engaged with your content etc. It is the most critical content marketing best practices 2017 which be demand and grow your business in 2018.

So, let’s discuss on measuring the success of content marketing metrics, and those are as follows

Consumption metrics

It is the most fundamental type of content metric and is unfortunately also the place where many programs both start and end. It’s a critical data point and is easy to drive through google analytics, YouTube insights or similar. The key is not to stop your metrics train at this depot.

Key question answered, How many people consumed your content, measure on page views, downloads or views?

Sharing metrics

It is the metric type that probably gets too much love because its often public which drives up the sexiness factor like cologne with bits of real panther. How we’re measuring how lucky your content is in getting consumers to share it with others, as determined by tweets, likes, LinkedIn shares, Google + shares.  Diggs and the like.

Fundamental question answered how often customers of your content share with others do?

Lead generation metrics

Now we’re sniffing dollars not just gathering eyeballs. Whether not require registration before allowing people to read/watch/download your content (which we usually don’t recumbently) or whether you’re measuring leads generated after the substance consumed, this is where we start determining the content marketing effort is making financial sense. If you have an online lead form on your site, you can measure this by determinedly how many people want to the lead from immediately after consuming your content.

Fundamental question answered:  How often do content consumers turn into leads?

Sales metrics

If you’re using some customer and prospect database, you’ll want to note in the prospect record that the potential customer consumed content pieces X, Y and Z. Then, when your crack sales team turns the prospect into a sale, determine the revenue and profit of that customer and assign it to correct pieces.

 Fundamental question answered: how often do our content consumers turn into customers?

                      Hope your doubts and questions cleared about content marketing best practices 2017 like how to get organic traffic quickly, what are content strategy checklist which strategy you have to follow, how to do content promotion through different ways and what are the measure content marketing metrics. If you haven’t understood or getting any doubts after reading this article please raised queries in below comments, I will follow up your discussions.

4 Major Facts How to Prepare a Content Marketing Strategy Without Copywriter?

4 Major Facts How to Prepare a Content Marketing Strategy Without Copywriter?

How to prepare Content Marketing Strategy?

How to prepare content marketing strategy – content marketing is a marketing approach or attract to the targeted audience by sharing information of your business services or else product to specific niche targeted audience, make them convert a customer of your product through “digital media channels” Such as blog, website, social media sites etc.

Most of the people would get fear and get frustrated by listening content marketing task because content marketing is a highly confidential and risky task.

Many people thought that content marketing is a very tough task, because they don’t the structure and process of content marketing, a flow of content, what is the way of content marketing etc.

As per present Google Algorithm Announcement rules and tactics in each website should have quality content, for promoting your site also you need to encourage with quality content, through guest blogging, articles, and blog post of own website.

Then only your website would be crawled and indexed in search engines.

Wherever you go content is mandatory for your submissions, promotions unless until your website wont to get crawled and indexed by Google Crawler and Google bot.

That’s the reason most of the content writers or “copywriter” are so profoundly demand because they maintained own blog for an article promoting in digital media. For each title, they might charge INR 600/-  per each essay of 500 words.

So, Finally SEO professionals and digital marketers getting frustrated and depressed for this reason, because most company managers they won’t hire any content writers because they are so highly demanding in industry.

At last forcibly content writing task would be given to digital marketers, who don’t know the structure of content marketing and doesn’t know any plan how to prepare content marketing strategy without copywriter.

No problem, In this article I explain and every step how to prepare a  content marketing strategy without copywriter how can we develop a plan and do the content marketing.

After reading this article, I give assurance that you will get confidence and you can clear confusions in mind about content marketing is a “hectic task” in digital marketing industry. Such as on these issues you suffered in last days

  • How to attract the audience through our content?
  • Most of the audience won’t ready to get engaged in our content what we are promoting in digital media channels?
  • We can’t able to get straight sessions, engagements and conversions in our content?

Like these, many more questions would come to our minds. When we have faced this type of situations in our daily life when we are working in an organisation such type situations are going so trendy nowadays in digital marketing industry.

“Everything is possible in this world, nothing is impossible in life,” just have to patience, relaxed peace of mind in work and confidence our self, never give up.

Primary Reasons for how to prepare a content marketing strategy and they might fail to an engaged audience.

  • While preparing content, most of the people may face problems because they write content in real disturbance environment with a lot of sound pollution background and context.
  • Preparing content without any planning without any goal or target for your article in this cases your content may be unsuccessful.
  • Most of the content marketers won’t follow any niche in your content. If you don’t support any niche in your content people might be confused by reading your content which is entirely like a mixed collection.
  • People won’t show interest in your content.
  • Not thinking about the customers whether the audience would understand or not just writing content, can’t get any leads for your content campaign.
  • For every task of digital marketing have some rules and conditions to follow to get lucky in digital marketing campaign though it is content marketing, email marketing, influence marketing or other affiliate marketing etc. for every module have some rules
  • This strategy no blogger or digital marketer would share with their followers about this; I am sharing my personal experience with you.
  • Because my vision is to every ordinary person, who is facing in this type of skill. I should deliver them a most comfortable way of strategy to get familiar and aware of content marketing every user should utilise our creative thinking and start exploring our talent in digital media.

Topmost 7 Hidden rules for how to prepare a content marketing strategy

Put your customer’s first

In your every content marketing you need to put and mention your customer in highlighted in your content.

Help to users not always trying to sell your product

Give your knowledge

Help them to understand so better that after they got lucky. They might be a good referral marketer for your product or services.

Think niche

Not only for content marketing strategy but for every digital marketing model you need to think niche just so that you will get correct targeted active audience.

 Tell a good story

It is a fact that every audience needs a story or examples of real people, how many satisfied clients or customers that want to know? Obviously every user before buying any product or book any ticket they researched with happy customers of your product.

Commit to quality

You should commit to your customers about your product quality. Suppose your product is not much perfect or class based on your exposing in digital media.

But you’re exposing fake features in front of an audience about your product quality. So initially audience might be reached and convert into customer after that your sales would stop.

Because your commitment on quality is fake most of the customers might give their review feedbacks on your social media pages and google business page, about your product quality how quality service your providing, and what exposing in digital media.  With this, you won’t get any referral your business to sell your product.


Write from the heart

It is the most and first rule of content marketing strategy that won’t follow. Won’t write from the heart because while writing content most of the marketers would fill some irresponsible negligence on the content writing task. Because they thought it is just for a job most of the impatience people won’t write with heart. For writing content, every different professional people would consider feeling some irritation to give the space to your heart.

If you write with your heart then only you might get reach to audience heart and attract to your audience. Then, a user may convert to your business customer from audience.

Following specific facts of how to prepare a content marketing strategy would be helpful to you prepare an excellent standard content marketing strategy to make easily reached and put engaged your audience through your content.

Content is of three types format those areas you know image, video and textual content are the three types of content in digital media.

You can reach your targeted audience through image, video and writing content. We cannot achieve audiences quickly with a standard image. An image should give some information about your article, an average user by seeing that picture should understand the services of your business.

I suggest you to market “Infographic” image because it explains in detail, about your article what is the reason for your article and primary structure of your article you can create with infographic image. Then only an average audience would attract your image content and convert to your customer.

And video should be user-friendly with subtitles if an average user different citizen person watches your video he or she should understand your video content. And your video content should be attractive to the audience then the only audience would convert to your audience.

Content marketing strategy should follow some rules and structure of a marketing strategy, as simple as necessary fundamental digital marketing process as shown below.




First, you have to focus on the process of digital marketing, such as define your targeted audience, on which place you’re aiming, which type of interest peoples they are? Whether they are a correct audience for your business or not? You need to define the demographic standard of your business, which gender are they, which age level criteria etc.


And then you need to create a strategy depend on your finding requirements of your business goals if the targeted audience is from different countries and different age criteria. You need to know how to prepare a content marketing strategy and implement as per show interested in your content.


“We need to stop interrupting what people are interested in and what people are interested in”.

And attract them to your content through blogs, articles, website, social media channels etc. With your quality content image, video and writing content etc. invite them in a right place, right time, right audience and correct way.


Then audience may convert into your customers for your business, show interest your articles content such as image, video and text format. The way of your forming contents your article.


4 Major Facts How to prepare a Content Marketing Strategy


Unless until you do not show your interest in your content, it does not get attracted to audiences. Most of the people will make some mistakes, don’t having patience in our limit, they took the content from other competitors websites related to your blog title and they edit some materials in a text document and after checking the “plagiarism” or “duplicate-checker” in tool and publish an article on the website.

And few people refer to “content writing automated tool” instead of expressing feeling own experience in content they prefer an automated tool because content tool gives and manage your content by providing input with a blog title to a content auto writing website. Without any work and pressure, your content will be ready automatic.

But such type of activities, your content won’t be attractive to an audience, and you might be getting penalised from Google in such facts because sometimes your preferred content master website from where you copied your content. That website owner may be claimed your content. And audience won’t be attracted to your content because in your content no experience feelings understand to the audience.

So, write your experience on article content and start with your feelings related to your article topic and start impressed or attract your audience to make them convert into a customer through content.



Yes, this is most crucial fascinating fact of how to prepare a content marketing strategy because of everyone very interested to compare the benefits and remarks of competitors.

First of all, you need to research on competitor actually, competitor what is the content format, structure and strategy they are following.

You need to focus research and mention comparison with your content and other competitors content. It’s a good for your content. Because by this you can attract your audience and might be you can remove their confusion from their mind. After reading your comparisons, they might be getting ready to buy or ready for a lead for your services.


Emotional Content

Last but the one real best exciting fact of how to prepare content marketing strategy through which you might get your content in “viral marketing” which is nothing through expressing emotions of people you will get a benefit to your content marketing campaign.

Such as, if you explore some emotion inspiring message in your content many of the people may attract to your content.

Here below the best samples of emotional content marketing strategy after seeing that I know, you might get idea how to prepare a content marketing strategy

Emotion can be express through video shoot ad in video channels, the real story of a human being. Most of the advertising agency will follow the same strategy for brand promotion such as Construction and cement equipment peoples, Car group of companies also, and another category “many of the group industries “will follow the same approach.

Not only with video you can reach your audience with emotional content through image content and textual content, by designing some infographic images and textual script write in your content adding some inspiring, touching quotes in your scripting part.


Solutions the problem

At last final, for every article, you have some reason for writing the article for a title, which audience face some problem with the particular issue of a product or services. You have to give some suggestions and solutions for those specific questions of an article.

After that, they might reach you convert you as a customer or client for your business.


Here, I have discussed with you people every fact of how to prepare content marketing strategy with simple and understanding examples. To reach your audience through your content to convert them into customers or your subscriber for your content.

If you’re facing any confusions doubts after reading this article you can raise a doubt in comments. I follow up your feedback