Free Directory Submission Sites List 2018 High PA and DA

Free Directory Submission Sites List 2018 High PA and DA

Free Directory Submission Sites List 2018

Are you eagerly looking for free directory submission sites list 2018 to generate backlinks for your website?

Yes, sure I will help you out to find out a high-quality free directory submission sites list for your website which is high “Page Authority (PA)” and “Domain Authority (DA).”

Before finding any directory submissions, first of all, find out your website niche and kind of services provided by your website.

Such as few of business are looking for a local target business or customers only so in that situation you can generate local business directories depend on our city or state directories. Suppose, you’re targeting your industry from all over the world so in that case, you have to generate high-quality backlinks from niche category base directories.

Actually, What is Directory Submission?

Directory submission an website page information such as your targeted keyword, page meta description, and your landing page will submit in a specific high-quality niche directory, and it will approve your report in their directory submission site. So, with that, you will receive one quality niche link to your site.

While Google is crawling your website, your priority may increase to get a good ranking because your website information listed in high PA and DA directory site and you got backlink of high-quality directories that to niche.

 By this way, your backlinks may be helpful to optimize your website quickly in search engines. Not only backlinks but also Google crawler check the organic traffic of your site that also reflects for your ranking generation.

“ Google only loves your website, When people love your website “

Why you’re worried about free directory submission sites list when I can help you to generate high-quality backlinks techniques and strategies.

Directory submission sites are of three types if you refer free directory submission it will take time approved few of them it will take time for approval within 15 days and few of them it will take time 60-90 or 120 days also. Its depend on traffic score of that web directory list on which directory submission site you’re submitting your website info.

And you can’t go ahead with other directories also what the reason of getting organic traffic from a search engine it would come underpaid traffic if you generate traffic and backlinks from “ traffic generator” and “ backlinks generator.

Directory submission sites choices are of three types

Free Regular link Submissions:

In this submission, you need to fill up the submit link form such as Title which is your keyword, Description which is your keyword description, the Landing page of that keyword, email id, and username and following captcha error.

Reciprocal Directory submissions:

By this directory submission, you have to insert one link which is already you line up with that website so if you enter a relationship in reciprocal submission field. The authorized person of that niche website may allow you to give his or her link to your site and parallel they will take your website in their backlinks.

Sometimes charges for reciprocal link submission in directory submission sites sometimes won’t ask freely you can submit to directory sites.

But I am. I am preferring don’t go with reciprocal and paid or instant directory submission also only go with free regular link option.

Paid or Instant Directory Submissions:

Few peoples prefer to go with paid or instant directory submissions, but that is a wrong method to approach ranking which is nothing black hat seo techniques. Only favor and go with white hat seo techniques which is free submissions.

I know most of the seo professionals have questions in mind and confusions about why I am discussing link building which is free directory submissions sites list.

These directory submissions site no one preferring now as per 2018 seo latest updates algorithms point of view

Yes, your right guys nowadays it does not work because Google says Content is king, if you maintain your website contextual and high-quality content and full on SEO on page recommendations based site and high-quality backlinks for off page optimizations process.

Yes, I am discussing with you how to generate high-quality backlinks which from free directory submissions sites list. Those are high PA and DA those directory submissions is valuable for our website.

You can submit in directory sites which have more than your 30% of your rating, suppose you have 1/100, 1/100  PA and DA you can ask for a link to those min 30+/100 to max 90+/100  for your website.

Here free directory submissions site list as listed below with high PA and DA score.

S.NODirectory NamePADA
1Usa Listing6161
2Somuch 6060
3Submission web directory5858
4Pegasus directory5757
6Marketing internet directory5656
7Highrank directory5555
8Free pr web directory 5555
9Abc- directory5454
10Promote business directory 5252
11Direct my link5252
13Britain business directory 5252
14Sites web directory5151
15Business finder 5151
16Abstract directory 4747
17Add business4747
22Directory free4545
23Alist directory 4545
24Web o world 4444
25Happal 4444
26Wl directory 4444
27Alist sites4343
28Directory seo 4343
29Live popular4343
301 webs directory 4343
31Gva directory 4343
32Moms directory 4242
33Jewana 4242
35Online society4242
36Free weblink 4141
37Free top rank directory 4040
38247 web directory4040
39Linkdir 3939
40Clicks or directory 3939
41W3 catalog 3939
42Web directory sites3838
43Best seo directory 3838
44Critic sites3838
46Ups directory 3838
47Official search 3838
48Reddit directory 3737
49Add directory 3737
50Hulud directory 3737
52Ace web directory 3737
53Sublimedir 3737
54Poor Directory 3737
55Etaaps 3636
56Bedirectory 3636
57Life time links3636
58Sites plus3535
59Vip7 star3535
60Xtians 3535
61Always links 3434
62Best business web directory 3434
63Nipao 3434
64Testoro directo3434
65Dir autowebsurf 3333
66General shopping directory3333
67Fle index 3232
68Cidi deas3232
69World web directory 3131
73Dr test 3542
74Best link add directory 3039
75Info bert 4132
76Information crawler 3035
77Tandi versity3641
78Paradise 3339
79Searching directory 4045
80Dir com3730
81Ezee click 3236
82Superaka 4239
83General dir online4333
84Diroon 3940
85Efficient directory 3934
86Directory pink 3034
87Get listed url 4139
88Glitter directory3835
89Happy to list 3240
90Links ontherwise 4330
91Web glance3036
92Featured concepts3934
93P web directory 4036
94Global first page 4239
95Approved web 4038
96Directory any business 3737
97The web directory 3636
98Vm options4636
99Directory critic 3141
100Vie search listing 4630

I know you can generate niche backlinks through Quora discussions, Reddit also bookmarking, article submissions, and blog commenting on high-quality niche blog comment sites.

By doing blog commenting your website will be gone in spam also because blogger may accept your comment or else put on no-follow. Your site would get in spam score.

So, starts your submissions in a niche incorrect way better you can generate your backlinks through Quora answer discussions related to your specific website page topic. And frequently make directory submissions on high PA DA free directory submissions sites which I mentioned above in tabular form, it will take time for approving but mostly used for the long-term process.

When you don’t have any target to generate your leads or sales through website in that cases, I personally prefer you go with “ 7 secrets of seo marketing” to get business in short term, and along with prefer “content marketing strategy”, “how to write quality content for your website” so that your audience may convert into customers easily.

Through Quora Discussions, Blog comments, guest blogs and high-quality free directory submission sites list you can generate high-quality backlinks for your website.

Here I discussed above what you’re looking for free directory submission sites list and how to generate high-quality backlinks for your website quickly. Please raise your question or query without hesitation in below comment box I will follow up your questions we can discuss here