How to Make & Earn Money through Online from Home?


How to Make Money Online from Home

How to earn and make money from home most of my juniors and followers asked me many times. 

You will say many times we can win easily by sitting at home, please tell me to know are those quick tips. 

So, we can grow our monthly income and earn money from home quickly. 

Yes, you can earn and make money online from home easily now its time to explain or aware how to utilize online digital marketing channels for growing your income. 

I know most of the people want to do something extra income to serve their families and save money for a better future as well and peaceful life is instead working hard struggling for x person business, at last, losing their salaries or else losing their job without any notice period. 

So, now your friend, a digital marketer is here you no need to worried and no need to became frustrated for extra income to know about how to earn and make money from home in India through online.  

Just brush up your head and sit down with your PC/laptop with Internet Facility its everything on your interest or habituated topic you only can earn yourself just by merely staying online 4 or 5 hours per day, and you can make approximately 100$-200$ per month which is on your hand.

First of all before discussing five quick tips about how to earn or make money from home in India online. 

  •   I want to ask some questions which you should be aware of before starting your earning platform. 
  •   Are you interested in writing articles or blogs?
  •   Do you have patience if you won’t get expected money initially?
  •   Are you aware of social media marketing sites or social networking sites?
  •   Are you habituated to use social networking sites like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter or other networking sites?

“Happiness comes when you believe in What are you are doing, know what are you are doing, and Love what are you doing.”

No one can earn or grow business easily from day one, for every transaction, it will take time to grow your business.

Few facts have to be kept with you stiff when your sitting to start something your own. 

  •   Patience in your work progress
  •   Interest on your work what you’re doing
  •   Habituated for using social networking sites for researching what new trends in internet digital media are. 
  •   Have to be workaholic always ready for task and active. 
  •   If lost your business you should mingle power mirror glass on your throat. 
  •   Have to put your mind on digital media calendar scheduled ways. 

If you have don’t interest to be an active member on social media sites then for this you’re not eligible to earn and make money from home.

Now, it’s time to discuss with you quick tips on how to earn and make money from home in India online. 

Such as follows you can make money on this platform as a profession. 

How to Make Money Online From Home

As a Website Owner by blogging through Google AdSense

If you have any idea on your mind, interested in writing something lengthy description by sitting continuously like writer or author an ability to explore your thoughts through writing which is nothing but doing blogging for your website. 

For doing blogging initially, you have to select and decide your website domain name first in catchy user domain and start writing on your website blog on website niche domain. 

First of all, you have to aware of “how to create website content for the website” and “content management system.” 

It is one of the lengthy and full of patience tips about what people worried about how to earn & make money from home in India online. 

Moreover, you have to know about “keyword researching process” and “seo On-page and off page optimization factors.” 

Initially, you won’t have in your website at least with 20 blogs with 100 users per day visitors to your site. 

Google AdSense Won’t approve for Google AdSense for monetizing your website for displaying third-party ads in your site. By getting impressions, clicks on an ad you will be paid by Google Adsense. Also, you may get a commission of ads. 

Here you can visit and check “What is Google AdSense,” “Terms & Conditions .policies  and steps for  AdSense “Approve for your website. 

As a YouTuber through YouTube AdSense

If you habituated for making videos, making tutorial videos on various categories or making funny videos, and then 

It is a right platform to earn & makes money from home in India through online. Nowadays most people are having own YouTube channels and started uploading videos for earning through YouTube monetization. 

Nowadays every people aware of digital terminologies everyone looking from where how to earn easy and make money through online. 

Here you need to upload without copyrighted original self-recorded video and upload in YouTube and set up a monetize. 

So, when you get 10,000 views for your channel, 1000 subscribers for your channel and 4 hrs watch time on your YouTube channel, then only YouTube will approve For eligible to show ads on your Videos, 

Then automatically how subscribers will increase, views increases and clicks on ads will improve that much amount of commission you will get in your AdSense Threshold account unless threshold doesn’t complete Google won’t send money to your account. 

Here you can visit and check  “how to monetize your YouTube Channel” and “what are the terms & conditions procedure.” 

How to Make Money Online From Home

As an Affiliate Marketer or Advertiser by selling products of affiliate websites.

If you have well enough shopaholic friends and followers and you have the skills and patience to impress through your buying content to your visitors, then Affiliate marketing is a best and good platform.

Also, it is one of the best tips for how to earn & make money from home in India online. Because nowadays most of the people are looking click to door service no one is visiting stores and buying the products everything is online and that to products must and should be quality based. 

Here, you might behave confusion in minds because who will pay you money here you can visit and check for affiliate marketing program many of the ecommerce websites are openly for an affiliate to sell their products. 

You can create your affiliate accounts on two ways through Affiliate Networks portals like “Cuelinks” and many more I have own experience Cuelinks that’s why I am exploring cue links only. 

This network portal only will take care about your “affiliate program and terms and conditions” you need to an ecommerce based website with full organic traffic, social media traffic on a daily basis to your site. 

Alternatively, else you have to fix which ecommerce brand products your going to sell such as Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal or else many more, Etc. 

Also, you can start selling your affiliate product through a Facebook group, fan page or else on the website. 

If you frequently share may be Amazon or Flipkart, or else other ecommerce websites may warn you because their link might be going on spam by continuously sharing on media. 

So be careful before planning Any affiliate program be ready with your niche followers and audience on your social media platform. 


As a Social Media Influencer By posting Niche Category follower posts

It is one of interest and easiest tips to know about how to earn & make money from India through online which is most of the youngsters. Social media active guys are working on this platform for winning purpose. 

Social media Influencer means in one niche category you have many fans, followers for your social media fan pages in Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, Etc. 

Many start-up business companies are available online who want to grow their audience in social media, and to sell their products for that purpose they might be search or look for an influencer. 

Why because if you do image post or video post on your social media fan page your fans or followers might buy their product, or else they follow their website updates. 

For that purpose, most of the business companies would be ready to pay you as much you charge to post in your page. 

Here, to became a social media influencer this is not an easy task for that purpose you have to aware about  “ how to grow audience in social media sites” and “how to manage social media sites.” The buffer is one of the free social media management tool available online with that you manage your social media profiles to grow your audience and engage your audience. 


As a Blogger by allowing for a guest blog on your website 

If you are well enough on content writing for blogs post on your interest niche, then it is the best platform for earning how to earn or make money from home India through online. 

If your owner of website blog and website might have well enough seo audit like Page authority and domain authority with Heavy quality backlinks in your website and plenty of daily engaged users in your site (subscribers) then sure, it’s a chance for guest blog demand for getting backlinks to your client. 

Then it is the best chance to might be on demand for start-up companies related to your niche, suppose you have a blog of delicious recipes, fashions, fitness and news & entertainment. 

So, related to your blog many startup companies who are looking for organic traffic, quality backlinks for their website. 

Also, they might reach your website and ask for you allow “write for us blog” then you can check their website SEO on page recommendations, and if everything is well enough you can charge for them as per your demand to publish their website post in your blog. 

Might have confusion in mind how to create a website and what are the SEO on page and off page optimization factors.   

Here, Above I discussed with you all the five quick tips about how to earn & make money from home in India through online which will help to grow your monthly income by staying at least 4-5 hrs per day. 

Also, you might be a housewife, retired employee or else workaholic employee who are looking for more extra income.  please raised your question in below comment box, and will discuss below without any hesitation. 

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