how to prepare content marketing strategy

4 Major Facts | How to prepare Content Marketing Strategy?

How to Prepare a Content Marketing Strategy

How to prepare content marketing strategy without copywriter – content marketing is a marketing approach or attract to the targeted audience by sharing information of your business services or else product to specific niche targeted audience, make them convert a customer of your product through digital media channels.

Such as blog, website, social media sites etc.

As you know about the fundamentals of digital marketing and the benefits of digital marketing which can help you to grow your online business.

If you follow the latest SEO updates 2019 and seo best practices 2018 which will easily grow your business easily.

When you already knows about the content marketing best practices 2017.

Most of the people would get fear and get frustrated by listening content marketing task because content marketing is a highly confidential and risky task.

Many people thought that content marketing is a very tough task, because they don’t the structure and process of content marketing, a flow of content, what is the way of content marketing etc.

As per present Google Algorithm Announcement rules and tactics in each website should have quality content, for promoting your site also you need to encourage with quality content, through guest blogging, articles, and blog post of own website.

Then only your website would be crawled and indexed in search engines.

Wherever you go content is mandatory for your submissions, promotions unless until your website wont to get crawled and indexed by Google Crawler and Google bot.

That’s the reason most of the content writers or “copywriter” are so profoundly demand because they maintained own blog for an article promoting in digital media. For each title, they might charge INR 600/-  per each essay of 500 words.

So, Finally SEO professionals and digital marketers getting frustrated and  depressed for this reason, because most company managers they won’t hire any content writers because they are so highly demanding in industry.

At last forcibly content writing task would be given to digital marketers, who don’t know the structure of content marketing and doesn’t know any plan how to prepare content marketing strategy without copywriter.


No problem, In this article I explain and every step how to prepare a  content marketing strategy without copywriter how can we prepare a plan and do the content marketing.


After reading this article, I give assurance that you will get confidence and you can clear confusions in mind about content marketing is a hectic task in digital marketing industry. Such as on these issues you suffered in last days

  • How to attract the audience through our content?
  • Most of the audience won’t ready to get engaged in our content what we are promoting in digital media channels?
  • We can’t able to get straight sessions, engagements and conversions in our content?

Like these, many more questions would come to our minds. When we have faced this type of situations in our daily life when we are working in an organisation such type situations are going so trendy nowadays in digital marketing industry.


“Everything is possible in this world, nothing is impossible in life,” just have to patience, relaxed peace of mind in work and confidence our self, never give up.


Primary Reasons for how to prepare a content marketing strategy and they might be failed to engaged audience.

  • While preparing content, most of the people may face problems because they write content in real disturbance environment with a lot of sound pollution background and context.
  • Preparing content without any planning without any goal or target for your article in this cases your content may be unsuccessful.
  • Most of the content marketers won’t follow any niche in your content. If you don’t support any niche in your content people might be confused by reading your content which is entirely like a mixed collection.
  • People won’t show interest in your content.
  • Not thinking about the customers whether the audience would understand or not just writing content, can’t get any leads for your content campaign.
  • For every task of digital marketing have some rules and conditions to follow to get lucky in digital marketing campaign though it is content marketing, email marketing, influence marketing or other affiliate marketing etc. for every module have some rules


  • This strategy no blogger or digital marketer would share with their followers about this; I am sharing my personal experience with you.
  • Because my vision is to every ordinary person, who is facing in this type of skill. I should deliver them a most comfortable way of strategy to get familiar and aware of content marketing every user should utilise our creative thinking and start exploring our talent in digital media.


Topmost 7 Hidden rules for how to prepare a content marketing strategy

Put your customer’s first – In your every content marketing you need to put and mention your customer in highlighted in your content.

Help to users not always trying to sell your product

Give your knowledge – help them to understand so better that after they got lucky. They might be a good referral marketer for your product or services.

Think niche – not only for content marketing strategy but for every digital marketing model you need to think niche just so that you will get correct targeted active audience.

Tell a good story – it is a fact that every audience needs a story or examples of real people, how many satisfied clients or customers that want to know? Obviously every user before buying any product or book any ticket they researched with happy customers of your product.

Commit to quality – you should commit to your customers about your product quality. Suppose your product is not much perfect or class based on your exposing in digital media.

But you’re exposing fake features in front of an audience about your product quality. So initially audience might be reached and convert into customer after that your sales would stop.

Because your commitment on quality is fake most of the customers might give their review feedbacks on your social media pages and google business page, about your product quality how quality service your providing, and what exposing in digital media.  With this, you won’t get any referral your business to sell your product.


Write from the heart – it is the most and first rule of content marketing strategy that won’t follow. Won’t write from the heart because while writing content most of the marketers would fill some irresponsible negligence on the content writing task. Because they thought it is just for a job most of the impatience people won’t write with heart. For writing content, every different professional people would consider feeling some irritation to give the space to your heart.

If you write with your heart then only you might get reach to audience heart and attract to your audience. Then, a user may convert to your business customer from audience.


Following specific facts of how to prepare a content marketing strategy would be helpful to you prepare an excellent standard content marketing strategy to make easily reached and put engaged your audience through your content.

Content is of three types format those areas you know image, video and textual content are the three types of content in digital media.

You can reach your targeted audience through image, video and writing content. We cannot achieve audiences quickly with a standard image.

An image should give some information about your article, an average user by seeing that picture should understand the services of your business.

I suggest you to market “Infographic” image because it explains in detail, about your article what is the reason for your article and primary structure of your article you can create with infographic image. Then only an average audience would attract your image content and convert to your customer.

And video should be user-friendly with subtitles if an average user different citizen person watches your video he or she should understand your video content. And your video content should be attractive to the audience then the only audience would convert to your audience.


Content marketing strategy should follow some rules and structure of a marketing strategy, as simple as necessary fundamental digital marketing process as shown below.



First, you have to focus on the process of digital marketing, such as define your targeted audience, on which place you’re aiming, which type of interest peoples they are? Whether they are a correct audience for your business or not? You need to define the demographic standard of your business, which gender are they, which age level criteria etc.


And then you need to create a strategy depend on your finding requirements of your business goals if the targeted audience is from different countries and different age criteria. You need to know how to prepare a content marketing strategy and implement as per show interested in your content.

content-marketing strategy

“We need to stop interrupting what people are interested in and what people are interested in”.

And attract them to your content through blogs, articles, website, social media channels etc. With your quality content image, video and writing content etc. invite them in a right place, right time, right audience and correct way.


Then audience may convert into your customers for your business, show interest your articles content such as image, video and text format. The way of your forming contents your article.


4 Major Facts How to prepare a Content Marketing Strategy


Unless until you do not show your interest in your content, it does not get attracted to audiences. Most of the people will make some mistakes, don’t having patience in our limit, they took the content from other competitors websites related to your blog title and they edit some materials in a text document and after checking the “plagiarism or “duplicate-checker” in tool and publish an article on the website.

And few people refer to “content writing automated tool” instead of expressing feeling own experience in content they prefer an automated tool because content tool gives and manage your content by providing input with a blog title to a content auto writing website. Without any work and pressure, your content will be ready automatic.

But such type of activities, your content won’t be attractive to an audience, and you might be getting penalised from Google in such facts because sometimes your preferred content master website from where you copied your content. That website owner may be claimed your content. And audience won’t be attracted to your content because in your content no experience feelings understand to the audience.

So, write your experience on article content and start with your feelings related to your article topic and start impressed or attract your audience to make them convert into a customer through content.


Yes, this is most crucial fascinating fact of how to prepare a content marketing strategy because of everyone very interested to compare the benefits and remarks of competitors.

First of all, you need to research on competitor actually, competitor what is the content format, structure and strategy they are following.

You need to focus research and mention comparison with your content and other competitors content. It’s a good for your content.

Because by this you can attract your audience and might be you can remove their confusion from their mind.

After reading your comparisons, they might be getting ready to buy or ready for a lead for your services.


Emotional Content

Last but the one real best exciting fact of how to prepare content marketing strategy through which you might get your content in “viral marketing” which is nothing through expressing emotions of people you will get a benefit to your content marketing campaign.

Such as, if you explore some emotion inspiring message in your content many of the people may attract to your content.

Here below the best samples of emotional content marketing strategy after seeing that I know, you might be get idea how to prepare a content marketing strategy   


Emotion can be express through video shoot ad in video channels, the real story of a human being. Most of the advertising agency will follow the same strategy for brand promotion such as Construction and cement equipment peoples, Car group of companies also, and many of the group industries will follow the same approach.

Not only with video you can reach your audience with emotional content through image content and textual content, by designing some infographic images and textual script write in your content adding some inspiring, touching quotes in your scripting part.


Solutions the problem

At last final, for every article, you have some reason for writing the article for a title, which audience face some problem with the particular issue of a product or services. You have to give some suggestions and solutions for those specific questions of an article.

After that, they might reach you convert you as a customer or client for your business.


Here, I have discussed with you people every fact of how to prepare content marketing strategy with simple and understanding examples. To reach your audience through your content to convert them into customers or your subscriber for your content.

If you’re facing any confusions doubts after reading this article you can raise a doubt in comments. I follow up your feedback  

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